Little Book Transfers is an all-female art and design collective from Glasgow consisting of visual arts graduates Nikki McGuigan, Mairi Hutchison and Hollie Russell. 

Last year was a landmark year for the group, with work appearing all over Glasgow - including an exhibition at Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art - and this year looks set to be another busy one for the girls. I caught up with Little Book Transfers in their Bothwell Street office to ask them all about their sartorial choices, and to find out what fashion means to them as artists.

Q: Could you describe the outfit you are wearing today?

Mairi: I'm wearing a 'friendship' scarf, which my friend and I created by cutting a charity blanket in half. My jumper is from Anthropologie, my black jeans are from H&M and I bought these boots in the recent sales.

Hollie: I'll start from the bottom. Black patent boots which I got online from ASOS, with a pair of grey glittery socks. My jeans are from Topshop, they are high-waisted 'Mom' jeans - I don't really like the name 'mum' jeans though. A plain white t-shirt from Monki - which took me ages to find, paired with a vintage silk shirt from Mr. Ben. Oh, and gold jewellery.

Nikki: I've got on my classic black Dr. Martens shoes with the yellow stitching, with a pair of tartan leggings. A khaki green knitted jumper - or maybe it's closer to olive green - and this tartan scarf which I 'borrowed' from a friend.

Q: If you could give your style a name, what would it be and why?

Mairi: Eclectic Classic. I have lots of vintage items, but I also think I have a bit of a grunge in there as well.

Hollie: Minimal! I tend to keep it very basic, and I like to go for monochrome with a slight pop of colour every now and then. It's sort of 80s as well I suppose.

Nikki: Mixing It Up. I really do just mix it all up, although I do have quite a grungy undertone to all my looks. My goal for this year is to narrow it all down a bit and have more of a defined style.

Q: Do you consider your style to be quite distinct or can it be lucid?

Nikki: Lucid, but like I said I really want to try and find something a bit more distinct this year.

Maira: Yeah, I'd say that my style is quite lucid - very much so.

Hollie: Rigid. I think because I like to keep it simple as it makes it easier.

Q: Would you consider your style to be unique or part of a wider trend?

Hollie: My style is definitely part of a wider trend. I'm really influenced by what I see on the high street, although I do like to add a bit of vintage into an outfit.

Mairi: I like to cherry pick from trends and make my own kind of style.

Nikki: I'd say I was part of the wider trends, but not just trends that are happening now - I like to look at older trends as well. It all comes and goes and comes back round again.

Q: Do you have any favourite pieces that you couldn't live without? If so why?

Nikki: I have this brown bag - it's not that I can't live without it but I just always seem to have it. I don't even particularly like it that much. I also get attached to my shoes, and I have necklaces that I wear all the time as well.

Mairi: For me, it's this mint green woolly cardigan that I just can't let go of. I've had it for years, I've even tried leaving it at my parents' house but I always seem to pick it back up again.

Hollie: This silk shirt - I even took it with me when Nikki and I went travelling last year.

Q: Do you have a dream item of clothing that you want to own/ or an item that you wanted but now own?

Hollie: It would have to be this white t-shirt! I just really wanted a nice white t-shirt and I couldn't find the right one. That was until I found this Monki one - I actually have three!

Nikki: There's two things I really want. I'd love a Vivienne Westwood bag or coat and I'd also really like to own a ruby ring.

Mairi: I'm on the hunt for the perfect black dress. You know, one that's just right. I also really would like a nice maxi skirt as well.

Q: When would you say that you really began to take notice of your own personal style?

Nikki: When I was a teenager! I felt like I had a style then, but it was very different to now. It really has changed over the years, I used to be into really sporty stuff. Oh, and of course there was the 'Mosher' phase.

Mairi: I went through so many different styles and phases when I was younger. I was emo, hippy, even more hippy (which was due to a trip to India) but then my style became a lot more girly and it's just slowly become what it is today. But I'd say my teens.

Hollie: I've always had this style in mind from an early age, but I think as I've matured and got my own money it's really helped me to refine it to the style I always wanted it to be.

Q: What's the biggest influence on the way you dress?

Mairi: My friends have really been a huge influence on my style. I really like to see what they are doing with their clothes and make up and then make it work for me.

Hollie: I'd say reading blogs really influences my style, but I also follow my instincts when it comes to fashion.

Nikki: Vintage styling like Betty Page and such really influences me. Oh, and I'm really inspired by friends who are into a more grungy alternative scene.

Q: Has your career had an effect on the way you dress? Would you consider your style to be an extension of what you do?

Hollie: Yes, but then again I am very minimal in style and so are our designs in most cases. I'd say that my style fits my job, but not that it's influenced much by it.

Nikki: I don't really feel that it does affect the way I dress. I mean it could well affect it, but I don't think it really does.

Mairi: The art scene does, but as a work thing? No, not really.

Q: Where is your favourite place to go in the city, and what would you wear if you were going?

Mairi: Oh, there's load of places we like to go. Sub Club and places like that. We are going to The Gathering soon and I know what I'm wearing to that. I'm going to wear a sparkly skater dress with some chunky heels.

Nikki: I'm not really too fussed about where we go really, but I do like wearing anything black. All black everything. Black velvet and sheer things.

Hollie: I'd say we dress in things that we could easily just head out in. I do like anything that's black, textured and sparkles and of course anything monochrome.

Q: Are there any fashion faux pas from your past that you wish you could go back and erase from history? If so why?

Hollie: When I was young I used to wear orange everything. Orange cords, orange tights and orange boots. I think it was because of my hair, and I thought it looked good.

Maria: Anything between the ages of 12-19. I went through some crazy fashion phases then, from emo to dreadlocks.

Nikki: From 12-15 years old, I was into tracksuits and matching eye makeup. Ned chic maybe?

Q: Finally, if you could go back to your childhood and pick an item of clothing to wear now what would it be and why?

Nikki: I'd go right back to my early child hood and take those little two pieces you got with the watermelons and fruit on them.

Hollie: Pedal Pushers!

Maria: I used to have a pair of corduroy dungarees. I'd take those.

For some, the art world is all about collaboration, and nowhere is this truer than with the girls at Little Book Transfers. Not only do they share ideas creatively for professional purposes, but these fun, energetic and enthusiastic girls also share their sense of style with one another, which influences and guides their own fashion choices.

When talking to the girls, they seemed to think that their work and art don't really have an effect on their style, but sitting in their office amongst all their work it just all seemed to fit together. The trio create some wonderful pieces of art, and they look amazing doing it.