Normally a trip to a spa involves a day off, winding roads and inevitable arguing with the Satnav. Determined to shake things up and fit in around fast-paced city life, Pure Spa & Beauty have opened the group's latest day spa on Glasgow's bustling West Nile Street

Pitched at city girls after a spray tan or mani/pedi before a big weekend, or rinsed-out workaholics looking for some much-needed downtime - I fall into the latter category - the spa's extensive range of treatments will please even the most ardent beauty boffin.

All the spa essentials are there: fluffy robes and sliders, relaxation room complete with hushed voices and fruit teas, and warm, friendly staff. Not to mention the heated beds that feel like you're sliding into a steak bake (on the rare occasion they're actually warm).

I sampled the Lime & Ginger Salt Glow (£50), Thai Bundle Massage (£74) and Hopi Ear Candling (£50), and while it was a close call, the Thai Bundle Massage was my personal favourite.

The Lime & Ginger Salt Glow is the perfect treatment for getting your winter-ravaged skin ready for spring's bare calves and forearms (who am I kidding, this is Glasgow, anything above 10° is taps aff). I'd also recommend it for prepping skin for before holidays, as you'll feel like a snake slithering out of old skin by the end of it. Using Elemis' Lime & Ginger Salt Glow, skin is scrubbed to remove dead cells and cleanse. Once the salt is showered off, oil is massaged into the skin to hydrate and soften.

I've often wondered how spa and beauty therapists fare after years of deep tissue and Swedish massages, and worry that the pressure required will cause problems later in life. That's why I'm always keen to try out alternative treatments that indulge everyone's love of massage, without being too hard on the hands and joints. Hot Stone, Lava Shell and the 'no-hands' massage are a few more alternatives that can help prevent joint problems and arthritis in later life for spa therapists.

The hands-free element of the Thai Bundle involves massive dumpling-like heated sacks full of 22 herbs, spices, dried fruits and leaves including lemongrass, kaffir lime, turmeric and citronella. As they are warmed in a massive steamer, the scent fills the room with a delicate Oriental scent. Caution: this treatment will make you really crave massive Dim Sum.

The bundles are rolled, tapped and kneaded over your shoulders and back, and while the treatment is not for the massage sadists that like 'to get their money's worth' by being borderline-assaulted, it's great if you prefer to relax and actually enjoy your time on the bed.

I'd had the Hopi Ear Candles on my radar for a while, and was aware of the controversy of the treatment being wrongly attributed to the Native American Hopi tribe, who deny they practice the treatment. There are different varieties, but Pure Spa use a disposable taper-style 'candle', widely regarded as the safest method on the market. It's thought the candles can draw out wax from the ear canal and relieve tension headaches, hayfever, sinusitis and colds.

Lying on my side while the candle burnt down, it was a weird sensation - especially when the candle was relit every so often. As it sits just inside the ear, the exaggerated noise of the flame sounds a little like you have a stick of dynamite in your ear. Once I was confident Bugs Bunny wasn't going to pop up and snigger as I exploded into tiny pieces, I began to enjoy the treatment.

Gross as I am, I did request that my therapist Diane opened up the candle at the end, and I can report back that there was only a mild discolouration and not the reincarnation of Slimer I'd been expecting. All in all, it was a bad day for the revival of 90s pop culture icons. I did experience a slight headache the next day, but a follow up call to the spa reassured me that this was nothing out of the ordinary.

No longer are spas the preserve of the wealthy or automotively minded, with competitive packages, frequent daily deal offers (most recently on Itison), combined with a city centre location and flexible opening hours (8pm all weeknights, apart from 9pm on Thursday), Pure Spa & Beauty are pure dead brilliant. I'll definitely be back for a go in one of the huge American-style pedicure chairs that looked sublimely relaxing - and the perfect antidote to my tights-dwelling Hobbit feet.

Pure Spa & Beauty, West Nile Street, Glasgow, 0843 507 1888,