Haggis (Ha-Guess) it’s Risotto by 21212, Edinburgh 

Head Chef Paul Kitching and his partner Katie O’Brien moved to Edinburgh and opened 21212, a restaurant with rooms, in May 2009. In January 2010, only eight months after opening, the restaurant received a Michelin Star, making 21212 the only Michelin-starred restaurant with rooms in Edinburgh to date. 

21212 soon became a leading restaurant in ingredient innovation and while Paul’s creations yield unexpected combinations, the deep thought given to the balance of each dish ensures flavours that complement rather than compete.

For more information visit: www.21212restaurant.co.uk

Ingredients: Serves 4
HP Mayonnaise:
50g HP Sauce 
100g Mayonnaise 
1tbsp stock syrup

Aubergine Purée:
1 aubergine 
1 bulb of garlic
100ml Water
50g vegetable trimmings, if available

Onion Compote:
1 white onion, Julien
4 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp of white & black sesame seeds
1 tbsp cumin seeds

300g pudding rice
300g cream
400ml stock
50g onion & garlic, finely diced
Salt & pepper
2 tbsp of olive oil
To assemble risotto: 
A selection of soft vegetables, for example steamed pak choi, mushrooms or shallots.
150g haggis, grated
4 tbsp muesli
200g Isle of Mull cheddar, grated 

For the HP Mayonnaise:
1 Mix all ingredients together and store for later use.

For the aubergine puree:
1 Dry roast one aubergine until soft. At the same time, heat the water and soften the garlic and vegetable trimmings.
2 Once the aubergine is soft dice and add to the garlic and trimmings.
3 Cook out then blitz and pass through a sieve.  Season and save for later.

For the onion compote:
1 Add all ingredients to a pan with a lid and cook out slowly on a low heat, occasionally stirring.

For the risotto:
1 Add all ingredients to a pan and cook until rice the is al dente.
2 Once the rice is cooked, add the haggis and cheddar.

To plate:
1 Put a dot of the HP mayonnaise in the bottom of each dish with some onion compote resting on top.
2 Reheat the risotto, vegetables and aubergine sauce.
3 Place the risotto on top of the compote and then the vegetables on top of the risotto.
4 To finish, add some of the muesli, a drizzle of olive oil, and aubergine sauce.