Highland beef, chicken liver and beets from the garden by The Lovat in Fort Augustus

Scotland has some of the finest ingredients in the UK and we capitalise on this wealth of culinary resources. From freshly caught Scottish seafood to locally reared meat, The Lovat proudly showcases a diverse menu in both the Lovat Brasserie and the Station Road Restaurant. 

In 2007, we were named a Top 10 Restaurant in Scotland by the Press and Journal, then after winning 3 AA rosettes for culinary excellence in 2014 we went on to win Best Restaurant in the Highlands & Islands Food & Drink Awards as well as Best Restaurant Experience in the Highlands & Islands Tourism Awards. 

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Recommended Wine: A glass of Delamotte Brut NV  

INGREDIENTS: Serves 4 as a starter 
Parfait (can serve more than 4 people):
200g chicken livers
30ml port
50ml Madeira
1 garlic clove, crushed 
1 shallot, chopped
3 free range eggs
200g butter, melted
Beetroot jelly:
100g red wine vinegar
Star anise
100ml beetroot juice
50g caster sugar
3 leaves of gelatine, softened
240g Highland beef fillet, diced
20g shallots, chopped
To serve
4 pickled beetroot
Beetroot meringue
Capers, deep fried
Lightly whipped cream flavoured with horseradish and lemon, seasoned to taste
For the parfa:
1 Boil the madeira and port with shallots and garlic until reduced by half then cool.
2 Blitz the chicken livers with the eggs and the reduction in a food processor and slowly add the melted butter, season.
3 Cook in a bain-marie at 130o C for approximately 40 minutes or when the middle of the parfait has reached 68 oC. Allow to go cold and shape into spheres then freeze.
4 Chef’s tip: Sit the terrine on a cloth in the bain-marie so there isn’t direct heat on the container
For the tartare:
1 Mix raw diced beef with raw shallots and season. 
2 For the best results, ingredients must be to the highest quality.
For the beetroot jelly:
1 Bring all ingredients to the boil, add gelatine and stir until dissolved. 
2 Once dissolved, pass through a strainer and allow to cool slightly.
3 Once slightly cooled, dip the frozen parfait spheres in the beetroot jelly and leave to set.
To serve:
1 When the parfait is defrosted it is ready to serve. Place pickled beetroot tips on top of the parfait to resemble a baby beetroot.
2 Press the tartare into a ring then place the parfait, beetroot meringue and beetroot around with a few dots of horseradish cream and some crispy fried capers.

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