Readers of this column (yeah, both of you) know that Cabernet is the King as far as I’m concerned and I love its variations from all over the world from the stately, mildly tannic versions in Bordeaux all the way to the intensely fruity versions from Australia. However, one version stands out above all when it comes to Cabernet and it is of course the NAPA Valley.
There’s a rich, soft exuberance to the fruit that just seems so camp when compared to the Cabernets of Bordeaux or South Africa, but it makes them stand out like a principled politician or an ACDC fan at Comicon and I love it. 
The opulent style that put the NAPA valley on the world wine map after the ‘judgement of Paris’ competition in 1976 is still at the forefront and while California now produces a far wider range of red grapes than it did back then, Cabernet Sauvignon is and I hope always will be its signature wine; just blink when you read the price!


The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
It should say ‘dilute to taste’ because its literally bursting with ripe jammy cassis flavours with hints of cherries and cocoa, all wrapped up in a silky smooth palate. A cracker for this price!
De Burgh Wine Merchants £17.49


Othello Dominos Estate Cabernet Blend
A broody blackcurrant dominated nose leading into a palate of ripe smooth fruits with a touch of cedar on the finish. Lets cut to the chase folks,, this is one of the best wines you could ever try.
Corney & Barrow £44.30


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