To Bordeaux or not to Bordeaux, that is the question! Its perhaps a lasting testimony to France's world famous wine region, that so many winemakers around the globe still use it as a benchmark for their best wines. Bordeaux style or Claret style are now so ingrained in wine terminology that I suspect it will always be the case.

Fans of these New World clarets, and I'm one of them have never been so lucky as they are today, with so many mid to top class versions on the shelves, but at least once a year, I always like to run home to mama so to speak and taste the real deal, and thankfully, the price gap between the real deal and the tribute acts is closing.

With prices as low as under £40 for a bottle of Chateau Chasse Spleens tremendous 2019 vintage, Christmas is going to take on a very Francophile look, but unlike the New world hot climate wines where each vintage is the same as the last, you still need a reasonable IQ to buy wisely from Bordeaux.


Spier Creative Block 5, SA

Rich cassis flavours with hints of chocolate and a classic cigar box finish. Absolutely gorgeous, especially for this price. £21.95


Corney & Barrow Reserve Claret, Maison Sichel 2019

‘House’ Clarets used to be as rough as a badgers derriere, but someone must be waxing badgers backsides these days because this is delightfully smooth on the palate. Rich autumn fruit with soft but generous tannins. Well done Corney & Barrow

Corny&Barrow £15.30 @gerardfinewine