By Marianna Civitillo

So, you have 24 hours in London and you want to have the time of your life. Fair enough, you deserve just that! After all, London is the city of pleasure and pleasure seekers.

For you, our disoriented friends in the big City. For you travelers that have no idea where to go, what to do or where to look, we have drawn up a map for decadent fun and entertaining lights.

Now grab your 24-hour travel card, your shimmering coat and your best attitude. Right now is the time to have fun, tomorrow will come.


Bottomless Brunch at Restaurant Ours

First things first, how hungry are you? Yeah that’s right, it’s time for brunch!

Not just any brunch though, bottomless brunch time at Restaurant Ours is an award-winning and world famous experience. Neighbouring Harrods luxury department store, Restaurant Ours is a shining venue in one of London’s most stylish quarters, South Kensington.

As you’re walking in through the 30ft corridor (a corridor commonly walked by stars like Johnny Depp, Nicole Scherzinger, and Leonardo Di Caprio), marvellously illuminated from the under-flooring lights, you’ll definitely feel the delicate opulence of the decor, the very feature that elevates Restaurant Ours and positions it as one of the best restaurants in the city.

Make yourself comfortable in the “Living Room.” You’re ready to be guided through a journey of sensational flavours by the knowledgeable floor and kitchen staff captained by Chef Toby Burrowes.


To start, I’m sure we’ll find you indulging in a storm of zesty essence with the bar’s signature cocktail Cure & Cause that you will surely accompany with the scrumptious and naughty Egg Jar & Toasted Sourdough Soldiers. To end, you’ll inevitably be tempted by the sweet, cocoa-dusted Classic Tiramisu. Yes, now you’re ready for more adventures!


Tattoo Time at One by One

Tired of stuffy old buildings and ad-infinitum sight-seeing? How about a souvenir? One (by One) that you’ll never forget?

Well, head down to the second stop on this fun London adventure. Tucked away in Berwick St, in the colourfully eclectic setting of Soho, is the coolest tattoo art studio in the city.

Now that you’re enchanted by the luminous neon lights, and seated comfortably on one of the comfy leather chairs, it is time to pick an exciting, meaningful design. Ink your body because it is definitely not a temple, it is a pleasure ground!


Dinner & Show at The Windmill

Ah yes, the time to unwind (in style) has finally come. After an all-eventful day of activities and hops around this exciting city, it is time to grab a glass of tantalising tipple and  mouth-watering dinner all while enjoying a perfectly choreographed show. The Windmill club Soho is calling you to enter its historical and revolutionary past and experience the luxurious, extravagant present.


We can now see stars in your eyes, as you sit cozily on the fiery velvet sofas and your subdued fantasies of burlesque mix with the tangy sweet scent of Cuvee Dom Perignon in this spellbinding “pleasure palace.” You are drawn in now, we can tell! Drawn in by both the sensual and artistic spectacle unfolding on stage, and by the “theatre of indulgence” menu before you. Life is definitely good.

‘Till Morning Comes at Wyld by Nature

Fourth and last stop in your spellbinding journey in Ryan Bish’s London is an exciting one.

It is understandable, you’re young, living wild and free and you want Silver Patron Tequila to be your one and only guide tonight. That is why you are now entering the blazingly provocative world of Wyld by Nature just opposite London’s Hyde Park, where temptations transport you to a world of climate conscious consumerism.


Wyld club has ecology as its primary motif. The atmosphere within the club is truly one of a kind - from the moment you enter until you reach the dance floor.

The atmosphere of Wyld by nature is encapsulated by the beautiful amazonic-like plants intertwined with modern, silver glittering disco balls suspended from the ceiling and shimmering in the light of the exotic club’s centrepiece, the imposing LED tree.

You’re dancing the night (and your sorrows) away amongst the elite crowd of impeccably dressed guests - this is your night, showcase those animalesque, voluptuous moves and don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Exiting the club, the sun is shyly dawning over London’s favourite park and it is time to go home. Or maybe stop, rewind and start again? Whatever you choose to do, get passionately inspired by London-based businessman Ryan Bish’s Cream Group venues and create memories that will last a lifetime.