IN a country famed around the world as the home of the deep-fried Mars Bar, the latest creation should perhaps come as no surprise - a 'pie in a doughnut'.

But the culinary offering still managed to raise eyebrows, causing a stir online when Nairn County FC revealed it had been a special request at their latest match.

The club tweeted yesterday: "'You've heard of Pie in a Roll...last night at the John Wilson Memorial Match at Station Park, someone asked for a Pie in a Doughnut. Your eyes are not deceiving you."

They then posted an image of a doughnut sliced along the middle with a pie sandwiched in between.

The dish divided debate online, with one fan saying, "Get it on the menu. Cement the club in football folkore as pioneers in bridging the gap between normal and American scran."

Another said: "Football banning order required".

One fan suggested the whole thing be dropped in batter "to hold it together".

The club said it will continue to make pies in a roll available.

It is now more than 25 years since the deep-fried Mars Bar originated at a chip shop in Aberdeenshire.

The battered chocolate is now served across the country and has been frequently lambasted by health experts as being bad for your health, thought to come in at more than 1000 calories a go.