FOR Anaïs Garat, front of house roles in five-star hotels in Paris and Cannes instilled a love of hospitality that she has taken to the next level at Loch Lomond Golf Club, the exclusive private Members’ Club overlooking the banks of iconic Loch Lomond.

Now Assistant Fine Dining Manager, the young woman from Le Mont in France first came to Scotland to work in 2017 but previously had just missed out on a front of house role at the Club.

Anaïs quickly “learned the ropes” during her first season, mainly working in the Fine Dining operation but also in Spikes, the Clubhouse bar. Developing her skills and growing in confidence, she took on more responsibilities in her second season.

Leaving the Club to relocate to Dundee to pursue a long-held desire to be a primary school teacher – then going home to France just before the first Covid lockdown – she remained in touch with her colleagues at Loch Lomond.

“I realised that teaching wasn’t going to be for me but I had built up a rapport with my colleagues and kept in touch. So when I asked if there were any openings, I was welcomed back in August 2020 as a Food and Beverages Host working in Fine Dining, in Spikes, at functions and also as a Lodge Host,” she says.

“In April 2021, I was given the role of Head Waiter in Fine Dining and the following year I was promoted to Assistant Manager Fine Dining.”
Loch Lomond Golf Club may not be on the French Riviera but it is just as beautiful, says Anaïs, who now lives in nearby Dumbarton.

“It’s a very special place for Members and staff – it’s all about providing the highest quality of service and making sure guests are enjoying the experience. What I also like is the way we are encouraged to show initiative – everyone is always open to new ideas and as I have shown during my time here, there are opportunities to develop your skills and progress your career.”


Stephen Waters, Head Chef Fine Dining, extols the virtues of working in a Fine Dining kitchen that sources the finest quality ingredients and also grows much of its own produce


IT’S not unusual for chefs to have very long CVs and Stephen Waters, Head Chef Fine Dining at Loch Lomond Golf Club, is no exception.
Originally from Lincolnshire and now settled in Helensburgh, his first experience of

Scotland was as a Sous Chef at Gleneagles Hotel where he honed his fine-dining skills. He has also worked at The Savoy in London and his love for food and hospitality even took him to New Zealand for two years.

Stephen, who joined the Fine Dining team at Loch Lomond in 2007 when he returned from Auckland, says: “It’s a great environment for any chef because you’re working with the best equipment and the finest-quality ingredients as well as learning about the business aspect of the kitchen,” he points out.

“Refreshing menus regularly and evolving cooking techniques as new trends emerge makes the Fine Dining kitchen a place where chefs develop their skills and knowledge,”

Stephen adds. “We also do a lot of bespoke menus and have a wide range of produce that is grown in our own garden – herbs, we have fig trees, grape vines and, in the heated glasshouse, even lemons, limes and pineapples.”

While Stephen particularly enjoys cooking with fish and game, he is always inspired by his surroundings.

“Our location is unique,” he says. “With so much fresh, local and Scottish produce at our disposal we can be really creative and new team members will be able to experience that as we strive to reduce food miles and keep a low carbon footprint. Our kitchen is a very nurturing environment and chefs will benefit from ongoing training and the ability to express themselves as they progress their careers.”


Laura Young was a single mum working in various bar jobs before she saw a job for a Breakfast Supervisor advertised in a local paper. Six-and-a-half years later, she’s the Manager of Spikes


DRIVING into the grounds of Loch Lomond Golf Club for the first time was quite overwhelming for Laura Young. “When I saw what was here I wasn’t sure if it would be right for me or if I would fit in,” she recalls. “However, I was soon put at ease and I got the job.”

Laura, who lives in Dumbarton, admits that she was compelled to apply for the job because she wanted to create a more stable and settled life for her daughter, who is now 14. “I’m a people person and love the energy that comes with working in a busy bar and I absolutely loved that about Spikes,” says Laura.

It became very clear to her in those early days that the Club was focused on staff development and helping people progress their career. “As my daughter got older I started doing a few nights and varied my shifts to gain more experience – and after three years I was promoted to Senior Supervisor.”

Fast-forward another three years and Laura is proud to be Manager of Spikes. “There are about 20 of us in the team now,” she says. 

“We’re all different ages and from different backgrounds too and that adds to the atmosphere of Spikes – it’s a very social environment and we all enjoy that aspect of the job.”

Hospitality, Laura believes, is often not viewed as a viable career. “Yes, there will always be students whose aim is to pursue another career and people will always come and go but hospitality is actually a brilliant career and at Loch Lomond Golf Club we will work with you to develop your skills and provide training throughout the season.”


Now in his sixth year as Head Chef of Spikes, Gary Stoddart is looking forward to a busy season and welcoming new team members 


“EVERYBODY pulls together in my kitchen,” says Gary Stoddart. “It’s fast-moving and you need to work hard as part of the team but it’s rewarding and you will have a chance to expand your knowledge of food and drink, learn new skills and meet great people.”

Gary, who has been Head Chef of Loch Lomond Golf Club’s Spikes Clubhouse bar for six years, would recommend any chef seeking to progress their career to apply for one of the jobs available this season.

With many years' experience under his belt, Gary “learned on the job”, starting as a Kitchen Porter at the age of 18 and working his way up. Originally from Dunbartonshire, Gary had been keen to move back to the area when an opening arose at the Club. He started as a Breakfast Chef before his promotion two years later.

“People like things like fish and chips and steak pie so we’re very much led by Members who want hearty food that is still refined but of the highest quality and freshly made,” says Gary. 

“We’re a gastro-pub style, offering food with flair and imagination, so it’s perfect for chefs looking to move onto the next stage of their career and to build knowledge.”

Gary adds: “We want people with a strong work ethic who are prepared to work hard. We provide ongoing training and you will help with menu planning and creating recipes, learn new techniques, work with amazing produce and learn about the business side of a kitchen operation. 

“I love it here – Loch Lomond is an amazing location and we’re a really friendly bunch who all pitch in together.”

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