SCOTTISH Labour's nationalist wing won two seats on the Scottish

executive, but at the expense of the one it already held.

Ms Susan Deakin, secretary of Scottish Labour Action, and District

Councillor Jack McConnell, both took seats in the constituency party


The SLA's Ian Smart, of Paisley North, who had been viewed as a

leadership critic while promoting the pressure group's views on

strategy, was voted off.

He said later: ''We are generally pleased, although I am personally

disappointed at losing out. It is fair to say we made some tactical


Ms Johann Lamont came third in the list of ten CLP seats. Her 45,000

votes were regarded as a severe rebuff for opponents in Hillhead CLP,

who were anxious to remove her from the executive.

Ms Lamont, a Glasgow schoolteacher, was chair of Hillhead when a vote

of no confidence was passed on MP George Galloway.

Later she was removed from the branch delegation, which would have

prevented her attending Inverness, but later she took a women's section