Scottish Political


SIX Glasgow Militant Tendency members face expulsion when they appear

before the Labour Party's constitutional committee in Glasgow this

weekend on disciplinary charges.

They face a variety of charges, including being members of the

Trotskyite group, and bringing the party into disrepute.

Those appearing include Bob Wylie, once listed as a member of

Militant's central committee and its Scottish spokesman. Militant

newspaper's former West of Scotland correspondent, he is now a freelance

journalist and a member of the Glasgow Central CLP branch.

The others, all members of the Glasgow Pollok branch, are Lynn

Sheridan -- sister of Tommy Sheridan, chairman of the British Anti-Poll

Tax Federation, which has led the demonstrations in the south; Kirsteen

Walker, former Young Socialist Scottish Labour executive member;

Strathclyde regional councillor Margaret Dick (Pollokshields/

Shawlands); activists Bill Bill and George McNeillage.

It is believed that another six members of the Pollok branch could

face similar charges in coming weeks.

This weekend, the six will be allowed to present witnesses before the

committee headed by Labour's national constitutional officer, Mr Walter

Burley, and national organisation director, Ms Joyce Gould.

Last autumn the NCC expelled six Militants from the Cathcart branch,

and a month earlier expelled Mr Sheridan.

If all the Glasgow expulsion go through it will be the biggest purge

of Militant Tendency supporters from Labour since Liverpool.

While Militant supporters label it a ''witchhunt,'' there are claims

that Militant is about to set up a separate political party. Several

expelled members are believed to be preparing to stand in the

forthcoming regional elections.