MR JOHN Dowling, 19, appeared in private at Glasgow Sheriff Court

yesterday accused of raping and strangling 10-year-old Christine Lee.

The attack is alleged to have happened in an area known as the Pond in

Castlemilk, Glasgow, on February 12.

The charge states that Mr Dowling, of Ballantay Road, Castlemilk,

seized hold of Christine, of nearby Machrie Road, pulled her about and

forced her to remove her clothing. It is further alleged he forced her

to the ground and raped and sodomised her. The charge states that he

indecently assaulted her with a piece of wood, compressed her throat

with a ligature or other article meantime unknown, and did murder her.

Mr Dowling's solicitor Mr Paul Burns said later: ''My client made no

plea or declaration and was judicially examined by Sheriff Daphne

Robertson and has been remanded in custody.''