IRA suspect Paul Hughes was yesterday charged with last month's murder

of two Australian lawyers in Roermond, Holland. The victims were Stephen

Melrose and Nick Spanos, both 24, who were mistaken for off-duty British

servicemen when they were shot in the town's market square.

Hughes, 26, from Northern Ireland, was arrested in the early hours of

Tuesday morning near the Dutch border village of Chaam. It is believed

that he had gone there to pick up another IRA suspect, one of a gang of

three, who was on the run from police.

The three, two men and a woman, were discovered holding target

practice in a Belgian wood on Saturday. Both men at first evaded the

police and fled into Holland but were later arrested.

Hughes was spotted in Chaam and drove off after being asked to produce

his papers. He fled into a wood but was captured.

He was questioned by police in Roermond yesterday, before being taken

in front of a Judge and charged with the murder of the Australians and

membership of a criminal organisation.

A Dutch police spokesman said: ''Hughes has been remanded in custody

for six days, as our investigations continue. He is being held in a

secret place.''

Anti-terrorist experts from Scotland Yard yesterday attended a meeting

on the IRA with police and magistrates from Belgium, Holland, and West


The aim of the summit in Turnhout, Belgium, was to co-ordinate the

gathering of evidence against all four IRA suspects being held in

Holland and Belgium.

The woman suspect, Donna Maguire, 23, faces extradition proceedings to

answer charges in West Germany about earlier IRA attacks against British

military targets there. She will appear in court today when the

prosecution will request she is remanded in custody for a further 30


The two men who were in the Belgian wood are being held in Holland,

and face extradition to Belgium.