THREE snarling rottweiler dogs brought terror to a school as children

arrived for lessons yesterday morning.

Four boys were savaged when the dogs attacked them in the playground

of Bishop Stopford Church of England school in Brick Lane, Enfield,

London. One dog managed to get into a classroom.

An 11-year-old was left covered in blood, with what looked like holes

all over him, his mother said afterwards.

Kevin Bone, who needed 14 stitches in wounds to his back and arms, was

''stripped to the waist -- the dog had virtually ripped his shirt off,''

said Mrs Brenda Bone.

Gavin Perry, also 11, had his right ear almost torn off but doctors

managed to stitch it back on.

''He's got bites on the back of his head, his bottom, and both of his

legs,'' said his mother, Mrs Janet Perry.

All four boys needed stitches, injections, and treatment for shock in

hospital. Two others suffered bruises.

Children screamed and fled as the dogs -- named Samson, Kane, and Bass

-- burst into the playground.

Dr Roger Tiffen, a deputy head, said: ''The dogs were running after

the children and seizing them.

''Two dogs had seized a boy (Kevin Bone). He was shouting and

screaming for help.''

With other staff, he helped to free Kevin. ''The dogs were distracted

and released him. He had several teeth marks on his arm.''

Richmond Bennin, 17, jumped through the window of the sixth-form

common room to help Kevin. ''There were two dogs. It seemed they were

just biting him to shreds.

''He was screaming. I tried to help him, but one of the dogs came

after me, so I jumped back in.''

Meanwhile, one of the dogs had got into the school. As it sniffed

around the legs of terrified pupils, teachers told them to stand

absolutely still.

Maths teacher Mr Mike Fuller finally grabbed the animal and took it

outside. After 10 minutes police arrived and two of the dogs were

rounded up.

However, dog handlers and RSPCA wardens searched for the third until

11am, when it was caught on the A10 by voluntary RSPCA worker Mr Steve

Hussey, passing in his car.

Despite being upset, the children of Bishop Stopford got on with their


The owner of the rottweilers, Mrs Doris Brown, 55, of Ponders End,

Enfield, appeared in court at the start of a hearing to decide whether

the dogs should be destroyed.

She said they escaped through a neighbour's back gate after her fence

was blown down.The case was adjourned until Monday.

As Kevin Bone recovered at home in Sedcote Road, Enfield, his mother

said the rottweilers should be destroyed.

''I know people who have rottweilers. Kevin has been brought up with

dogs himself. We have two dogs, a boxer and a dobermann cross.

''But these three dogs were out of control and after what they have

done they have no right to live.''

The incident brought renewed calls for dangerous dogs to be outlawed.

The National Union of Teachers said Parliament should consider banning

rottweilers as domestic pets.

However, local MP Mr Timothy Eggar, Employment Minister, while

''horrified'', said: ''The Government introduced new laws relating to

dangerous dogs in August last year.

''It is now up to the court to decide the most appropriate course of

action to take in this case.''

The ferocity of rottweilers attracted major attention last April when

11-year-old Kellie Lynch, of Dundee, was killed in an attack by two of

the dogs at Dunoon, Argyll.

She and an 11-year-old friend were walking the dogs, belonging to the

owner of their holiday hotel, when the animals attacked.

Weeks later three rottweilers savaged five-year-old Jamie Walker, of

Small Heath, Birmingham, in a park, tossing him in the air. Jamie needed

21 stitches for his injuries after being dragged from his bicycle by the


Last month a rottweiler bit Conservative MP Anthony Beaumont-Dark as

he took a morning walk in Westminster.