GLASGOW Airport could have been on a par with Manchester, had it been

allowed to assume a hub status, Mr Scott Grier, managing director of

Loganair, said yesterday.

Announcing details of Loganair's Premier Service and Club, at

Manchester Airport, Mr Grier joined the large band of airline leaders

opposed to the Government's refusal to allow a review of the status of

Prestwick Airport.

He said: ''Manchester demonstrates the success of a hub airport.

Prestwick must now be the only international airport in the world which

does not have feeder services.''

Mr Grier said that between 1979 and 1981 his airline, in collaboration

with the then British Airports Authority, had provided subsidised

services from Prestwick to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Belfast. They were


He said that as Manchester had developed into a major international

hub, Loganair had become its fastest growing scheduled operator, and was

currently the airport's second busiest carrier interms of the number of


Mr Grier said: ''Manchester has assumed enormous proportions in our


''We are looking for opportunities to develop there. With the advent

of 1992 and the lowering of EC trade barriers, the airline will be

looking carefully at other European routes.''

The new Premier service will be available between Manchester and

Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast City, Brussels, Jersey, and Guernsey.

Passengers with hand luggage only can check in 10 minutes before

departure. The Premier Club is designed specifically for frequent

flyers. The facility will give access to a special lounge.