DESPOILED cavalry officer Logan Murray is Bib. Cadaverous knockabout pervert Gerry Sadowitz is Bob. Or vice versa. Either way, this is the same inchoate show the pair staged in 1994. Then, as now, it's sometimes grossly amusing. What's it got? Pyrotechnical swearing. Lavatorial straining noises. Wanton foodstuff-smearing. Simulated sodomy. Gratuitous adoption of Indian accents, plus spitting, shouting, and penile dismemberment.

Targets of B&B humour? All women (but especially Naomi Campbell and Yoko Ono); Chris Evans; Tony Slattery; Craig Charles; every Fringe comic who isn't Gerry Sadowitz. Show's raison d'etre, Gerry? ``I love getting Logan to do things he knows he shouldn't.'' Similarly, if you go along, you'll laugh despite yourself.