St Mirren 4, Berwick 0

ST MIRREN showed they can still score goals without the transferred Barry Lavety.

From the first minute there was no doubt who would be in the next round of the Coca-Cola cup. The only surprise was that it took the Love Street side until a minute from the interval to open the scoring.

Berwick manager Ian Ross elected to play with 10 men as Paul Rutherford lay trackside receiving treatment, and Saints prospered with that extra man. A Mark Yardley effort was kicked off the line but Saints returned the ball and Stuart Taylor forced it over the line from close in.

The confident Love Street side pushed forward at the start of the second half, quickly killing off the contest. In 51 minutes Rikki Gillies added a second when he took a Yardley header in his stride to place his shot behind keeper Young.

Eleven minutes later, Saints cut open the Berwick defence for Brian Hetherston to add a third. Then substitute Chris Iwelumo headed in a fourth on the final whistle.