POLICE hunting the killers of an accountant shot in a gangland-style execution at his luxury home four years ago have arrested two men.

Mr David Wilson, 47, was killed while his wife Barbara and daughters Michelle, 28, and Lisa Marie, 25, were held hostage at their #300,000 home at Withnell near Chorley, Lancashire, on March 5, 1992.

The two men, both in their 30s, were arrested separately in the London area on Wednesday night by a team of Lancashire detectives, helped by the Metropolitan Police and Kent Constabulary.

One arrest was made at Northfleet, near Gravesend, Kent, and the second was undertaken in the south London area.

Armed police were involved in the operation but no shots were fired.

Superintendent Bob Denmark, who has headed a worldwide hunt for the killers, said Lancashire detectives were searching both the addresses where the arrests took place.

He said members of the investigation team from the incident room at Chorley had been concentrating inquiries on the London area in recent months and had travelled to London in recent weeks.

They were being taken to Lancashire for questioning yesterday.

Mr Denmark said: ``These arrests were the logical conclusion of four years of investigations.

``I anticipate charges connected with the killing of David Wilson will be brought.''

He said Mr Wilson's family were told of the arrests in a 1am telephone call to the house at Withnell Villa, where they still live.

Mr Denmark said: ``They are very relieved and happy.

``We always said those responsible for Mr Wilson's killing would be caught and that the file would not be closed until that had happened.''

Mr Denmark said he was not able at this stage to reveal details of the two menbut added: ``I do believe our four-year hunt for the gunmen is drawing to a close.''

Following an eight-week trial last February, Michael Austin, 39, who had been extradited from the United States, was convicted of murder for ordering the killing and given a life sentence.

Mr Wilson was killed after becoming entangled in a #26.5m international cigarette and insurance fraud masterminded by Austin who used a string of aliases, including that of Mexican army colonel Hector Portillo.

He was successfully extradited from New York to face trial at Carlisle Crown Court last year.

Another man, arms dealer Stephen Schepke, 46, from Sidcup, Kent, was given a life sentence in October 1993, for aiding and abetting the murder.

Other people have been arrested and convicted for their part in the fraudulent cigarette deal which lay behind the killing.