Kenneth Adam, production designer, for services to the film industry; Hamish Christopher Adamson, former director (international), Law Society; Sunday Prince Akpabio, former clinical lecturer on oral health, University College Hospital, London; James Hodg

son Armstrong, for services to engineering and to education; Graham John Arthurs, consultant anaesthetist, Ysbyty Maelor General Hospital, Wrexham; Mrs Janet Marjorie Atkinson, for services to education; The Rev Wilbert Vere Awdry, for services to childre

n's literature; The Rev Lionel William Rupert Bacon, for services to homeless people; Arup Kumar Banerjee, former consultant geriatric physician and medical director, Bolton Hospitals NHS Trust.

Michael Charles Banks, joint managing director, Sidney C Banks plc; Arthur Robert Barlow, deputy surveyor, New Forest, Forestry Commission; Thomas Myles Barrie, deputy chairman, Cumbernauld Development Corporation, for services to industry; Leonard Richar

d Bays, former secretary general, International Water Supply Association; Edward William Beddoes, technical director, Vodafone Group; Campbell Jocelyn Hargreaves Benjamin, Mayor 1993-94, Deputy Mayor 1994-95, Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council; Professor

Michael David Bennett, keeper, Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; Fredric William Priestley Bentley, for services to the Prisons Board; Mrs Pauline Patricia Blow, for political service; James Edward Boddy, regional director, Frank Graham Con

sulting Engineers.

Mrs Jean Margaret Booker, Grade 7, Welsh Office; Alan John Bott, director, P&O Containers; Brian Thomas Edward Boyle, headteacher, Anfield Community Comprehensive School, Liverpool; Paul Robert Brankin, for services to export to Japan; Mrs Noreen Anne Bra

y, Equal Opportunities Commissioner for Wales; Michael Anthony Brougham, Grade 6, Department of Social Security; Nicholas Paul Brown, for political and public service; Peter Ronald Buckley, chairman and group chief executive, Penspen; Brian Burch, former

chief librarian, University of Leicester; John Burrows, chairman, FMC Corporation (UK); John Bury, chairman, social services committee, Association of County Councils; Ian Campbell, Principal Agricultural Officer, Scottish Office.

Commander Peter Colin Drummond Campbell, LVO DL for services to the VE/VJ Day Commemorations in Northern Ireland; Brig William Douglas Cantley, MBE chief executive, Tribute and Promise, for services to the VE/VJ Day Commemorations; Professor Lawrence John

Challis, Lancashire-Spencer Professor of Physics, University of Nottingham; Alan Maxwell Chester, Official Receiver (B), Insolvency Service, Department of Trade and Industry; David Ernest Chiverton, chairman of the governing body, Chichester College of A

rts, Science and Technology; Charles Graham Clark, Governor 1, Her Majesty's Prison Wandsworth; William Coia Clark, Grade 7, Ministry of Defence; Robert Clasper, former head of MOD's Project for Independent Safety Assessment and Advice; Nigel Hugh Clutton

, for services to the Crown Estate and to the Church Commissioners.

Mrs Betty Cohen, for services to the community in Manchester and Tameside; Miss Estelle Marie Collard, former Diplomatic Service Grade 5, Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Bryan Collins, managing director and chief executive, Bristow Helicopter Group; Mrs

Beryl Frances Cook, artist, for services to art; Col Mark Edward Hatt-Cook, RD for services to the Territorial Army and Volunteer Reserves; Geoffrey Charles Cooper, managing director, Chelton, for services to the airborne radio antenna industry; George Fr

ederick Coppock, former Grade 6, Ministry of Defence; Maj James Charles Cowley, DCM president, Distinguished Conduct Medal League; Wing Cdr Ronald Joseph Cuff, RAFVR(T) Rtd, chairman, Air Training Corps, Sussex; Stephen Cummings, Grade 6, Ministry of Defe

nce; Maurice Leonard Dalton, LVO Diplomatic Service Grade 5, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Professor Janet Howard Darbyshire, head, Medical Research Council's HIV Clinical Trials Centre; Mrs Alison Davies, divisional director (Scotland), Save the Children; Anthony de Angeli, editorial director, William Reed Publishing; Mrs Sylvia Ernestine Dent

on, immediate past chairman, Royal College of Nursing's Breast Care Nursing Society; , for services to health care; Peter Michael Diamond, former director, Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery; Mrs Christine Mary Dodgson, for political and public service; M

ichael John Dudding, TD former Grade 7, Department of Transport; William Joseph Dunlop, MBE for services to motor cycle racing and for humanitarian services.

William Wilson Dunlop, QFSM former Chief Fire Officer, Tyne and Wear Metropolitan Fire Brigade; Mrs Marjorie Eleanor Dykins, chairperson, Wales Council for Voluntary Action; Mrs Judith Edwards, for services to nursing in Wales; Shaun Edwards, for services

to Rugby League football; Graham George Eustance, for political and public service; David Evans, water resources planning manager, Anglian region; Edward Gordon Evans, for services to the construction industry; Terence Fallon, Grade 7, Department of Trad

e and Industry; Mrs Joan Sheila Felthouse, for services to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; George Marshall Fish, DL for services to the magistracy; Ronald Flanagan, for services to the police.

Colin Flint, principal, Solihull College; Richard Downing Freeman, corporate chief economist, Imperial Chemical Industries; The Rev Ronald William Frost, for services to young people; Mrs Jean Gaffin, executive director, National Council for Hospice and Specialist Palliative Care Services; Bernard Gallacher, for services to golf; John Robert Ganson, former Rector, Kirkton High School, Dundee, for services to education; Capt Alexander David Liddell Gardiner, MBE vice-president, Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association, Inverness-shire and Western Isles; Professor Dorothy Ann Malcolm Geddes, Professor of Oral Biology, University of Glasgow, for services to dentistry; David Frank Thomas Gent, Grade 7, Department of Social Security.

Michael James German, for political and public service; David Edward Gibbons, for services to the community in Kent; Mrs Mary Stella Gibbons, chairman, WRVS Benevolent Trust; Nigel Frank Gifford, for services to British commercial interests overseas; Phil

ip Stephen Gilbert, head of events programmes, BBC, for services to the VE/VJ Day commemorations; Archibald Gilchrist, for services to industry and to public life in Scotland; David Michael Gillen, Grade 6, Department of the Environment; Paul Gotley, chai

rman and chief executive, Neotronics Technology plc; Mrs Patricia Anne Greenhill, Provost, Stirling District Council, for services to local government in Scotland; William Tudor Gunston, for services to aviation journalism; Richard Hugh Guy, chief executi

ve, Manchester Training and Enterprise Council; Miss Janice Elizabeth Hall, chairman, British Overseas Trade Board's Small Firms Committee; Allan Edward Harbert, Grade 7, Department of the Environment; Roderick Anthony David Harris, principal professional

and technology officer, Ministry of Defence.

Michael Robin Hayns, for services to nuclear safety; Henry Joseph Heaney, librarian and keeper of Hunterian books and manuscripts, University of Glasgow, for services to librarianship; John David Henderson, for services to medicine; The Rev Canon Colin Ar

nold Clifford Hill, for services to the community in Croydon, Surrey; Richard Inglis Hill, director of roads and transportation, Borders Regional Council, for services to local government; Sir Timothy Edward Charles Hoare, Bt, for services to the Church o

f England; Maj Christopher Basil Holden, Assistant Chief Inspecting Officer of Railways, Health and Safety Executive, Department of the Environment; Mrs Tessa Christine Holdroyd, for political service; David John Holliday, assistant collector, Her Majesty

's Customs and Excise. John Christopher Hollman, former Grade 7, Department of Health; Brian Reginald Homer, former chairman, Devon Magistrates' Courts Committee; Michael John Horne, head of information, Second World War Commemorations team; Miss Patricia

Julie Horsman, Inspector, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue; Alan Houghton, former director, northern group, British Coal Corporation; Mrs Eileen Marguerite Hounsell, president, British Red Cross Society, West Midlands; James Kenneth Humble, chief ex

ecutive, Local Authority Co-ordinating Body on Food and Trading Standards; Col Robert Dow Hunter, MC TD DL for services to clubs for young people, Surrey; David Stephens Hyslop, former director, Breakthrough Trust; James Anthony Iddison, for services to i

ndustrial tribunals.

Richard Anthony James, senior gas engineer, Sarajevo; Roy Harvey Johnstone, former chairman, Medical Appeal Tribunals; David Jones, Superintendent of Parks and Gardens, Corporation of London; Robert Gerallt Jones, for services to the arts in Wales; Thomas

Henry Jones, for services to agriculture in Wales; Dennis Keech, chairman, Automotive Components Dunstable, Automould and Mitapres, Stroud; Professor Gilbert Kelling, Professor of Geology, Keele University; David Francis Kessler, for services to the Jewi

sh Chronicle and to the Jewish community; Desmond Reginald Kettle, for services to blind people; William Keys, for services to the fire service; Harry Donald Kitchin, managing director, Bournlea Instruments; Geoffrey Knowles, for political service.

The Rev David Doig Laing, chair, Strathclyde Region Social Work Committee and vice-convener, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities Social Work Committee, for services to local government in Scotland; Timothy James Lawes, for political service; Alan Daw

es Lea, for services to the magistracy in Lincolnshire; John Anthony Lewis, principal, Dixons City Technology College, Bradford; Miss Frances Mary Line, controller, BBC Radio 2, for services to radio broadcasting; David Owen Lloyd, director and partner, S

ir William Halcrow Partners; Allan Anthony Macdonald, former managing director, Jetstream Aircraft; Charles Thomas Macer, Grade 7, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; George Macgregor, for services to amateur golf.

James Geoffrey Machin, for services to forestry; Graham Roche Mackenzie, member, School Curriculum and Assessment Authority; Hugh Robertson Mackintosh, Scottish director of child care, Barnardo's, for services to young people; Hugh Archie MacFadyen Maclea

n, former chairman, Crofters' Commission, for services to crofting; John David Macmillan, Principal Professional and Technology Officer, Ministry of Defence; David John Maidment, controller, safety policy, Safety and Standards Directorate, Railtrack; Kenn

eth John Mair, farmer, for services to agriculture in Aberdeenshire; Ronald George Manley, senior principal scientific officer, Ministry of Defence; Colin John Manning, DL for services to the magistracy in Hereford and Worcester.

Professor Shula Eta Marks, Professor of Southern Africa History, University of London; Clive Edwin Martin, Assistant Controller, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue; Frank Charles Mason, for political and public service; Patrick Camillus McAleavey, for

services to education; Ian Gilchrist McBain, director, Scottish Council for Spastics, for charitable services; Mrs Patricia McCoy, for services to physiotherapy; Kevin McDonald, chairman and managing director, Polypipe; Norbert James McEwan, Grade 7, Mini

stry of Defence; Richard James Meadows, Grade 6, Her Majesty's Treasury; Professor Isi Metzstein, for services to architecture; Graham Mifflin, Deputy District Inspector, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue; George Richardson Miller, former national cha

irman, Royal British Legion Scotland.

Gordon Stopford Millington, for services to civil engineering; Wilfred Johnston Mitchell, for services to the community and to agriculture; Robert Shepard Alastair Moir, Grade 7, Scottish Office; John David Moore, for services to the Chartered Association

of Certified Accountants; Peter MacCandless Mundell Moore, for services to tourism; William Morrison, VRD for political and public service; Samuel Boyd Morrow, Inspector Grade I, Department of Agriculture; Miss Peggy (Margaret Rose) Mount, actress, for s

ervices to drama; William Wallace Murray, chief executive, South Tess Acute Hospitals NHS Trust; John Neil, secretary, the Boys' Brigade, Glasgow, for services to young people; John Russell Niblett, former Grade 6, Crown Prosecution Service.

Capt Derek Anthony Power O'Reilly, RN Rtd, chairman, the National Trust's Wessex region; Tyrone O'Sullivan, for services to industry in South Wales; David Frederick Ogilvy, executive vice-chairman, British Light Aviation Centre, and of the Aircraft Owners

' and Pilots' Association; Gwilym Owen, for charitable services in Wales; Philip Royston Oxley, director of research, Centre for Logistics and Transportation, Cranfield University; Mrs Louise Maureen Pankhurst, director, Child Psychotherapy Trust, immedia

te past director, Child Accident Prevention Trust, London; Cuthbert Alexander Pascall, for services to community relations; Lt Col Robert Arnold Payne, member, St John Council for Buckinghamshire; Mrs Joyce Pedersen, former Grade 7, Highways Agency, Depar

tment of Transport.

Robin David Peverett, former director of education, Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools; Mrs Joan Robertson Phelan, member, Co-ordinating Committee Board of Visitors and Member, Her Majesty's Young Offenders Institution, Feltham; Eric Philipso

n, Assistant Controller, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue; Andrew Wyndham Phillips, founder, the Citizenship Foundation, for services to the law and to young people; Peter Haydn Phillips, chairman, Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospitals NHS Trust; Simo

n Anthony Edward Pilley, county chairman, Cleveland Scouts; Mrs Susan Veronica Pollok, for political service; Miss Sheila Catherine Puckle, MBE TD general secretary, St John Fellowship; Paul Walter Reginald Pumfrey, DL for services to the community in Lin


Kenneth Richard Ray, former Dean, Faculty of Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of England; Mrs Claire Berenice Rayner, writer and broadcaster; John Peter Abercromby Readman, chairman, Chamber Orchestra of Europe; Gordon Caulston Rees, former headm

aster, Danetre School, Daventry, Northamptonshire, Dermot Alexander Reeve, for services to cricket; Alan James Reid, Principal Valuer, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue; The Rev Kathleen Margaret Richardson, Moderator, Free Church Federal Council; Mrs

Paula Frances Cooper Ridley, DL Chair, Liverpool Housing Action Trust and member, Merseyside Development Corporation; Goronwy Roberts, Chief Officer, Essex Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Alistair Duncan Irvine Robertson, for services to the Scottish Business Achievement Award Trust; Professor Charles Calthorpe Robertson, chairman, Building Standards Advisory Committee; Ernest Thomson Robinson, TD chairman, council of the St Andrew's Ambul

ance Association; Vincent Robinson, Grade 6, Department for Education and Employment; John Rose, chairman, Hertford Regional College Corporation; Mrs Norma Theresa Roth, chairman, Women's Health and Screening Delegation; William Henry John Rowe, for polit

ical and public service; Michael Hugh Rumble, Grade 6, Home Office; Simon George Schanschieff, chairman, Northamptonshire Health Authority; Miss Maureen Veronica Sedgwick, former head, The Ridings High School, Winterbourne, Avon.

John William Sellars, company secretary, Association of Scottish Colleges, for services to further education; Miss Stephanie Simmonds, Grade 6, Overseas Development Administration; Peter Anthony Simpson, for political and public service; Wing Cdr Gordon L

eonard Sinclair, DFC former president, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents; Miss Lorna Jean Sinclair, (Mrs Carter), Grade 7, Her Majesty's Customs and Excise; Mrs Kendra Slawinski, for services to netball; Christopher Gordon Smith, immediate pas

t chairman, Association of Conservation Officers, for services to building conservation; Joseph Colin Smith, former consultant urological surgeon, Churchill Hospital, Oxford; Mrs Josephine Ann Smith, Chief Nurse, Nuffield Hospitals, for services to nursin


Mrs Joye Powlett Smith, DL for services to the community in South Yorkshire; Hugh Smyth, for services to local government; Col John Nicholas Blashford-Snell, MBE for services to young people through Operation Raleigh; Roger Lee Spooner, research scientist

, Roslin Institute; Professor Janet Irene Sprent, Deputy Principal, University of Dundee, for services to science and to education; Professor Margaret Honor Spufford, for services to social history and to higher education for people with disabilities; Jef

frey James Stansfield, former county surveyor, Suffolk County Council; Drew Stevenson, former chief executive, London Borough of Newham; Richard David Stratton, chairman, Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group.

Philip Eric John Stroud, DL for services to the Pallant House and Art Gallery, Chichester, West Sussex; Malcolm James Sullivan, QPM Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police, for services to the Police; Robert Frederick Symes, keeper of mineralog

y, Natural History Museum; Mrs Agnes Mary Tait, member, Cumbria County Council; Angus Murray Thornley Taylor, education adviser, Government Office North East, Department for Education and Employment; Bryan George Samuel Taylor, director, technical affairs

, UK Offshore Operators Association; Ernest George Thomas, former Grade 7, Land Registry; Graham Stanley Philip Thomas, chairman and managing director, Combined Services Publications; John Elvet Malcolm Thomas, former headteacher, Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glan

taf, Cardiff.

Eric Charles Till, for services to the community in Stamford, Lincolnshire; Christopher Todd, joint director general, International Fund for Ireland, Department of Finance and Personnel; John Maxwell Turner, vice-Principal, Writtle Agricultural College, E

ssex; Raymond William Twiddle, chairman, British Poultry Meat Federation; Thomas Antony Hugh Tyler, Grade 6, Department for Education and Employment; Mrs Valerie Tyler, former Grade 7, Department of Health; Mrs Anne Vaughan, for services to the magistracy

; George Lowthian Veitch, Chief Commandant, Cumbria Special Constabulary, for services to the police; Mrs Rosemary Isabel Baird Verey, author and horticulturist, for services to garden design and history.

Sidney David Votier, partner, Carpmaels Ransford; Martin Nicholas Wargent, Chief Probation Officer, Essex; Ronald Edward Watkins, DFC chairman, High Value Horticulture plc; Brian Richard Anthony Derek Watson, for political and public service; Walter Rhys

Webb, for services to local government in Clwyd; Michael Derek West, former Grade 6, Her Majesty's Paymaster General's Office; Sqn Ldr Kenneth Gordon White, secretary, Soldiers' Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association, Bedfordshire; Peter Williams, for

mer chairman, Consortium of Lead Bodies for the Extractive Industries; Brian Wilson, former chief executive, Inverness District Council, deputy chief executive, the Highland Council, for services to local government in Scotland.

Harry Cowan Wilson, Medicines Commissioner; James Noel Wilson, vice-chairman, World Orthopaedic Concern (UK); Charles Anthony Wood, former chairman, New Islington and Hackney Housing Association; Mrs Stella May Wood, Grade 7, Department of Trade and Indus

try; John Charles Woodcock, for services to sports journalism; Peter Michael Heppell Young, Department of National Heritage, events director, Second World War Commemorations team.