THE daughter of a supermarket security guard who was stabbed to death while protecting two women colleagues has described his bravery as ``typical''.

John Killick, a 60-year-old grandfather, was stabbed repeatedly in the chest after being attacked as he escorted the two staff members to their cars at an Asda store in Scunthorpe, Humberside, on Saturday night.

As the hunt for his killer continued yesterday, his daughter, Mrs Julie Edges, 30, wept as she said: ``This was very typical of him. It was just the sort of thing I would have expected him to do.

``He was very caring, not the sort of person who could pass by on the other side of the street and not get involved. He would do anything to help anyone else.''

Police say the 6ft security officer, who had twice been employee of the month at the store, was confronted by a masked attacker who jumped out of bushes.

The attack, by a man wearing a balaclava, came as Mr Killick, of Scunthorpe, escorted the women from the petrol station where they walked to their cars in the supermarket's car park.

Detectives believe the motive for the ``frenzied and brutal'' attack was robbery - but a bag Mr Killick was carrying contained only receipts and paperwork.

Mrs Edges said she last saw her father on the morning of his death, when his last words to her were: ``It's a beautiful day.''

She said: ``I am devastated, just devastated and numb. It has taken our lives away. Not just one life but the whole family.

``I want whoever did this to be caught. I just want justice. I don't want this to happen to anyone else's family.''

As she clutching the hand of a woman police victim support officer, Mrs Edges described how she and her father had joked that day about how the entire family would take a sunshine holiday if they won the National Lottery.

Mr Killick and his wife Brenda had been planning a family Christmas with Mrs Edges, her brother, David, and five young grandchildren.

Mrs Edges said she had had her own fears about the dangers of Mr Killick's job in security.

``It was a thought that went through my mind many times, but I never expected it to be reality,'' she said.

``He was a much-respected, well-loved person. He had lots of friends because of the kind of person he was. He would help anybody.

``He would never say no and would always make the time. He always put himself last. We will miss him very much.''

Asda is offering a #5000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Mr Killick's killer, who fled empty-handed after the attack.

Police are still searching for weapons and are studying security film from cameras at the store to see if the attack was captured on video.