A PERMANENT memorial to the 66 Rangers supporters who lost their lives in the Ibrox disaster 25 years ago is to be erected by the club.

Mr Campbell Ogilvie, club secretary, said it would allow fans to remember friends or relatives who died, and serve as a lasting reminder for all Rangers supporters.

The disaster occured at Stairway 13 on January 2, 1971. Supporters were leaving the New Year Old Firm game as Rangers scored an equaliser in the closing seconds. In the confusion, as fans turned and hesitated, someone fell and others became caught in the crush.

As well as the death toll, almost 200 people were injured in what was the worst football disaster in British history until Hillsborough.

``I have been involved with the club for 35 years and irrespective of everything I have been through this is the saddest day I can remember,'' said Mr Ogilvie.

It had been hoped to have the new memorial sited at the Govan/Copland corner of the stadium opened for New Year, but that will not be possible because of present construction work.

``The new stadium is in fact the greatest memorial to those who died,'' added Mr Ogilvie. ``It was after the disaster that Mr Waddell, the team manager, and his board of directors decided to modernise Ibrox. New legislation came out in 1975 but even before then, Mr Waddell had plans on how he wanted the look of the club.''