THE godson of the Prince of Wales, Tom Parker Bowles, will not be

punished by his Oxford college after reports that he was arrested for

carrying drugs, it was confirmed yesterday.

The son of the prince's close friend, Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles, is

studying English at Worcester College, whose Bursar, Mr David King, said

it was not a college matter.

It is thought that the 20-year-old undergraduate was cautioned by

police after being held in south London with another student for

carrying small amounts of ecstasy and cannabis.

Mr King said: ''I do not believe this will attract any college

disciplinary procedures. It didn't happen in college grounds.'' College

misdemeanours were normally punished with a small fine but if drugs were

involved it would be more severe, he added.

Mr King said that while he knew who Mr Parker Bowles was, he did not

know him well enough to comment on the allegations.

Newspaper reports claimed that Tom Parker Bowles and his friend, Henry

Mainwaring, were stopped and searched by police outside Star's

nightclub, Greenwich, on April 1.

Worcester College's former students include Tim Sainsbury and Rupert