INNOCENT victims of violence from around the world, including Northern Ireland Protestants and Catholics and a teacher from Dunblane, joined the Queen yesterday at the unveiling of a memorial stone outside Westminster Abbey.

The green slate memorial commemorates this century's civilian victims, living and dead, of war, oppression, and violence.

The Queen led a procession which included a survivor of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, a 14-year-old Bosnian boy who lost both hands and his sight during the recent conflict, a Russian poet imprisoned under the former Soviet regime, a Christian Palestinian refugee, a survivor of the Nazi death camps at Auschwitz and Belsen, and a victim of South Africa's apartheid regime.

Mrs Joan Wilson, whose daughter was killed in the Enniskillen bombing, represented Protestant victims in Ulster. Ms Maura Kiely, whose son was shot as he left Mass, represented the province's Roman Catholic victims.

Ms Fiona Eadington, a teacher at Dunblane Primary School for 25 years, represented all child victims of violence.

The stone's inscription reads: ``Remember all innocent victims of oppression, violence, war''.