A nursery for great players, says John Beattie, but not the force they once were

In a nutshell Wonderful town where woman once went into shop and told owner that her display of six pies stacked on top of each other was fantastic. ''That's not a display." says the shop owner. "It's a wedding cake." Excellent atmosphere, superb potential, good dry pitch, and one-time home for many quality players.

And those players were Andy Nicol, Tom Smith, Fijian stand-off Rawlini, Stewart Campbell, John Manson, Danny Herrington, Gavin Scott, Ian Fullarton, Jon Petrie, Sean Longstaff. Best of the lot was arguably finest Scottish wing forward of all time, David Leslie

Players in New Zealander Shannon Wilson, winger Marshall Humphries, brother of Ireland's David Humphries, and Rodric Leslie, son of David. Young Rodric plays stand-off, and to think that was the kind of person his father happily destroyed. Should be fun in the family back garden. "Now just try and get past me, son!"

Players out They've struggled more than most with players going to pro teams

Best days Had a team everyone was scared of in the early nineties. Paul Rouse was a fearsome centre. In 1992, gained promotion to first division, and toured New Zealand. On arrival told to put their clocks back . . . 30 years.

Coaches Ian Robertson and "Jono" Phillips, the development officer/manager

For the future Colin Whittaker, Scotland under-21 prop who has decided to go to New Zealand to further his career. Herald investigation has discovered that it's end of the New Zealand season and the start of balmy summer with beer and beach games equally popular, all watched by scantily clad natives. Seems an odd decision. Back row man Alan Brown is highly rated. Four other youngsters in development teams

Team song Same spy tells us that the youngsters don't know the old rugby songs, and sing modern tunes on the bus home.

Characters Tom Dymock the famous president, and Ken Andrew, the rugby convenor.

Ambition Fourth bottom of BT Scotland premier three. They say they are struggling for numbers, but the emphasis is on rugby now

If they were a football club Well liked and trying hard. Queen's Park