CHRIS Eubank, who could not bring himself to put the boot into his famous friends, was last night on the verge of being kicked off Celebrity Big Brother after being nominated for eviction by his fellow residents.

When asked to pick the two from which the viewers will choose who is first to go from the programme, Eubank said: ''I like everybody out there.''

He elected to draw straws, while Jack Dee, the comedian, also pulled back from making a personal choice and picked from a pack of cards.

But the others overcame their reluctance, and every one of them nominated Eubank for the axe.

Now the viewers have until tonight to choose whether Eubank or Anthea Turner, the TV presenter, who was picked by three of her colleagues, is first to be turfed out. Jack Dee, Vanessa Feltz, Keith Duffy, and Claire Sweeney are safe for the moment.

The boxer looked stunned when the two names were revealed to the six inhabitants

of the house. He said: ''I've got tears in my eyes.'' Turner sat


However, Eubank's garrulousness had caused friction from almost the first minute. Dee

and Duffy failed to hide their exasperation and made it quite clear neither wanted to sleep

in the bed next to the lisping

former World Champion boxer.

Meanwhile, in the girls' dorm, Turner was giving lessons on how to put on a duvet cover. Whether her cleverness will save her is ultimately up to the


Earlier, as the six arrived, Dee was possibly the only one who realised that he was getting himself into something over which he had no control. His frown as he arrived at the Big Brother house suggested he was a

little worried about the days ahead.

The other five volunteer, however, seemed relaxed as they moved in to the purpose-built house.

As the programme swung into action, presenter Davina McCall described Turner somewhat

ironically as ''The Perfect Princess of Presenters'', let Feltz reveal how worried she was about caring for her hair extensions, and listened as the ever-elegant Eubank told how he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to show viewers his ''true self''.

The stars were taking part in

a charity version of the show

for Comic Relief which will

end a week today, with the cameras monitoring almost every move.

The contestants will not be seen in the shower and toilet, however, they will still spend the rest of their time being scrutinised.

Viewers will then be able to choose their least favourite star by phone or online at with the first eviction tonight. Regular updates will be screened by both Channel 4 and BBC1.

Contestants feasted on soup and cheese for their first meal

in the house, with the women taking charge of clearing up.

The celebs also had to draw up a shopping list from a choice of basic groceries and made a couple of special requests.

They wanted to add pine kernels - to create their own pesto sauce - and ready made frozen Yorkshire puddings.

Live-in luxuries

These are the items the Celebrity Big Brother contestants took inside the house with them.

Jack Dee: olive oil, coffee maker, coffee, teabags, nasal spray, crisps and nuts, apples, Pepsi Max, Marmite, cuddly toy, wine, painkillers, guitar, photos.

Anthea Turner: rubber gloves, Domestos wipes for bathroom, wine, incense sticks, scented candle, photo in frame, sunglasses, make-up bag, #20.

Claire Sweeney: large make-up bag, hairdryer, hot brush, varioius hair care products, sunglasses, card from agent, playing cards, white wine, jewellery box, photos, keyring with picture of Claire and Dean Sullivan.

Chris Eubank: scooter, skipping rope, swimming hat, comb, riding boots, photos.

Vanessa Feltz: chicken soup mix, boxing gloves, weights, Champagne, vitamins, scented candles, kosher fruit roll ups, massage oil, fruit sweets, truth or dare game dice, lychees, dried apricots, passion fruit, hair ties, playing cards, pair of sparkly pink sandals.

Keith Duffy: packet of chicken breasts, two jars of cooking sauces, red wine, cigarettes and lighters, chewing gum, a bag of toiletries, shorts, vest, two baseball caps, photos, playing cards.