THE new lord provost of Dundee, Councillor John Letford, who was voted into office after the ousting of his predecessor, has appealed for a line to be drawn under the events that led to his appointment.

Councillor Letford, the serving deputy lord provost, fought off a challenge from Councillor David Bowes, of the SNP, by 15 votes to 11, at a special meeting in the city on Monday evening.

Mr Letford said yesterday he would represent all the people of the city, regardless of their political persuasion.

He paid tribute to Helen Wright, the previous provost, who was forced out after controversy over her expenses claims.

Mr Letford said she had shown great courage ''on the evening of her ordeal'' when she lost a no-confidence vote.

Three of the four Conservative councillors who last week supported the SNP motion to remove Ms Wright voted with the minority Labour administration in electing Lord Provost Letford. They included Councillor Neil Powrie, who is fighting cancer but who turned out for the vote.

One Conservative, Councillor Derek Scott, abstained, as did Ian Borthwick, independent Labour councillor, who had expressed concerns about how Ms Wright was removed from office.