Oliver Marlow Wilkinson

died on September 17, 1999, in Oxford. He was 84.

He was the founder of the Iona Theatre. From its headquarters in Community House, Clyde Street, Glasgow, the theatre toured in plays all over Scotland.

From the late 1940s they toured Scotland presenting experimental drama. Many of the plays were written by the members. Oliver Wilkinson directed and produced them. Several Scottish actors began their careers with the Iona Theatre including John Grieve and

Ian Dallas.

He had a literary background of distinction. His father was Louis Wilkinson, the celebrated writer who wrote under the name of Louis Marlow. His mother was the poet, Frances Craig.

Louis Marlow gained notoriety for being expelled from both Oxford and Cambridge. As a young man he travelled to meet Oscar Wilde in his exile in Paris.

Oliver's parents were close friends of the Powys family. In 1994 Oliver, assisted by his son, Christopher, edited the romantic letters that passed between his mother and John Cowper Powys, Oliver's godfather.

This year, with Freddie Jones and Christopher Kent, he read selections on tapes from the writings of the Powys Brothers. The tapes were produced by Chris-topher. Remarkably, Oliver was also the godson of the notorious Alistair Crowley.

During the last war, he served with distinction in the Royal Navy. He then became an actor, director, playwright, and lecturer. Following the Iona Theatre, he worked with the Oxford Playhouse and taught drama for Oxford Council.

His continued interest in religion was developed by friendship with George McLeod and as a member of the Iona Commun-ity. He later joined the Othona Community based at one of the earliest Christian churches in Britain, near Bradwell in Essex.

He recently appeared at the Cheltenham Festival and wrote about his experiences in experimental drama.

Oliver never lost his affection for Glasgow. Tall and distinguished looking with the most kindly, thoughtful nature, he

was the opposite side of the human coin from his godfather, Alistair Crowley.

He will be fondly remem-bered by his family and many, many friends.

He leaves behind three daughters and two sons.

George Strang