Mrs Barbara Ainger, Lately chief executive, The Housing Finance Corporation. For services to housing. Christopher Charles Kennedy Albiston, For services to the police. Mohammed Ali, Founder, Quest for Economic Development. For services to South Asian communities. Peter Riddle Allan, DL For services to the community, especially Business and Employment, in North East England. Frank Amadedon, For services to community relations in Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton, West Midlands David Stuart Archbold, For services to the transport industry. Allan Arnott, Lately chair, Greater Peterborough TEC/CCTE. For services to lifelong learning. Professor Bernard Atkinson, Member, BBSRC Council. For services to biotechnology. Crawley, West Sussex John Barrie Atkinson, JP, For services to the Magistrates' Courts Service. Mirfield, West Yorkshire Peter William Avery, Fellow of King's College, University of Cambridge.

For services to Oriental studies. Peter Badejo, Director, Badejo Arts. For services to dance. Harry James Banks, For services to coal mining and to the community in County Durham. Brig Neil Barclay, For services to the Army Benevolent Fund in Shropshire. Newport, Shropshire Professor Lorraine Florence Baric, Professorial Fellow, University of Salford. For services to electricity consumers. John Edward Barnes, Lately Health Emergency Planning Adviser, South East Regional Office, Department of Health. Geoffrey Grant Fulton Barnett, For services to Voluntary Service Overseas. London, SW13 Professor Robin Michael Basker, For services to dental education. Mrs Mary Elizabeth La Trobe-Bateman, Director, Contemporary Applied Arts. For services to crafts. Syed Nawazish Bokhari, Principal, Ernest Bevin College, Tooting, London. For services to education. John Garfield Bourke, For services to the Probation

Service. Geoffrey William Breeden, Community Fire Safety Officer. For services to the fire service and to young people. Michael Francis Brennan, Lately head, Adoption Section, Department of Health. Ewell, Surrey David Brodie, Founder director, TaxAid. For services to low income taxpayers. London, NW2 Robert Bruce Knight Broughton, Welsh secretary, British Medical Association in Wales. For services to medicine. Patrick Dominic Bryon, Lead Assessor, National Professional Qualification for Headship. For services to Education in Wales. Mrs Beatrice May Burgess, Chair, Babies in Prison. For services to prisoner welfare. Hugh Thomas Burnett, For services to the community in Newhaven, East Sussex. Hove, East Sussex David Edward Church, For services to the Richmond Society, Surrey. David Hamilton Clark, Director, Research and Innovation, EPSRC. For services to research. Malcolm Brian Clark, Lately

director, Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People. For services to Disabled People. Rodney Jeremy Clark, Lately chief executive, Sense. For services to Deafblind People. Leslie Clegg, For services to the Footwear Industry and to the community in Bacup, Lancashire. Simon Paul Clegg, Chief executive, British Olympic Association. For services to Sport. Mrs Christine Mackenzie Cohen, Chairman, Hampstead Heath Management Committee. For services to City Open Spaces. John Coleman, Director, Trust for the Study of Adolescence. For services to Youth Justice. Ms Pauline Collins, Actress. For services to drama. Howard John Cooper, For services to farriery and equine welfare. Mrs Elizabeth Copland, Operational Pursuit Adviser, HM Board of Inland Revenue. Chelmsford, Essex Mrs Dorothy Patricia Corrin, For services to Education and to Charities on the Isle of Man. John Frederick Coulthard, Headteacher,

Wensleydale Middle School, Blyth, Northumberland. For services to Education. Martin Courtis, Member, Radioactive Waste Management Advisory Committee. For services to Environmental Protection. Professor Margaret Josephine Cox, Professor of Information Technology in Education, King's College London. For services to Education. Milton Fitzroy Crosdale, Director, Nottingham and District Racial Equality Council. For services to Equal Opportunities. Barry Cryer, Writer and broadcaster. For services to comedy drama. Peter John Dawe, Founder and Trustee, Dawe Charitable Trust. For services to the Internet Watch Foundation. Miss Joanne Denney, Chief executive, Institute of Grocery Distribution. For services to the Food and Grocery Trade. David Michael Dixon, General Medical Practitioner and Chair, NHS Alliance. For services to Primary Health Care. Miss Kate Doherty, For services to Education. Mark

Dowd, Chair, Mersey Travel. For services to Public Transport. Dennis Hathaway Drysdale, JP, For services to the Hampshire Probation Committee and Board. Mrs Marjorie Durie, Lately director, Service Development, Ayrshire and Arran Health Board. For services to Nursing and to the NHS. Graham Patrick Dyer, Museum Curator, Royal Mint. Mrs Elizabeth Dorothy Earnshaw, For services to Golf. William Glyndwr Edmunds, Principal, Deeside College, Flintshire. For services to Further Education. Peter Brian Elliott, Chairman, Governing Body, Northumberland College. For services to Further Education. Martin John Ellis, Grade B2, Defence Procurement Agency, Ministry of Defence. Bath, Somerset John Evans, Assistant director, HM Board of Inland Revenue. John Daniel Evans, Founder, Hampshire Centre for Independent Living. For services to Disabled People. Mrs Anne Margaret Everall, Director, Young Readers UK.

For services to Children's Librarianship in Birmingham. Mrs Diana Jacqueline Farragher, Physiotherapy Teacher. For services to the Treatment of Chronic Facial Paralysis. Danny Fellows, Chairman, West Wales TEC. For services to Training and Employment. Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire John Lloret Fells, Detective Inspector, National Criminal Intelligence Service. For services to the Police. Henry George Fetherstonhaugh, For services to the Forestry Commission. Professor Charles Arthur Fewson, Professor of Microbial Biochemistry, University of Glasgow. For services to Biological Science. Mrs Maureen Foers, Founder, Northern Business Centre (Humber) Ltd. For services to Small Business in Humberside. Colin Hamish Forsyth, Lately General Dental Practitioner, Rutland. For services to Dental Care for Prisoners. Professor Robert Stewart Fowler, Lately Principal and chief executive, Central School of

Speech and Drama. For services to Higher Education. Ernst Fraenkel, Chairman, Wiener Library. For services to Holocaust Scholarship. London, NW8 Keith Bertram Francis, Divisional manager, Administrative Support and Estates Management, Office for Standards in Education.

Thomas Michael Freeman, Lately chief executive, Horizon NHS Trust, Hertfordshire. For services to People with Learning Disabilities. Philip Albert Friend, Equal Opportunities and Disability consultant. For services to People with Disabilities. Miss Susan Garland, Deputy chief executive, British Tourist Authority. For services to Tourism. Miss Pauline Gaunt, Head, Transport Bill Co-ordination Team, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. Anil Gholkar, Consultant Neuro-radiologist, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust. For services to Neurology. Robin Warwick Gibson, Chief Curator, National Portrait Gallery. For services to Museums. Trevor Greenwood, For services to Education. Professor Robert James Gurney, Director, NERC Environmental Systems Science Centre, University of Reading. For services to Earth Observation and to Environmental Science. John Guy, Principal, Farnborough

Sixth Form College, Hampshire. For services to Education. Clifford Hardcastle, For services to the community, especially Education, in South East London. David Wynne Harding, Grade B1, Ministry of Defence. John Richard Harris, Senior Executive, McCain Foods Ltd. For services to the Potato Processing Industry. Derek Alfred Heasman, Headteacher, Dollis Junior School, Mill Hill, London. For services to Education. John David Hebblethwaite, Secretary, Liturgical Commission. For services to the Church of England. Martin Henry, For services to Export and to Business. Peter Hollis, Headteacher, Oaklands Community School, Southampton, Hampshire. For services to Education. Paul Hopkins, Headteacher, St. Gabriel's RC High School, Bury, Lancashire. For services to Education. David Kingsley Hyland, Special Casework Lawyer, Crown Prosecution Service. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear Mrs Doris Ingham,

For services to the Women's Section, Royal British Legion. Throckley, Tyne and Wear Miss Marjorie Elizabeth Jackson, Executive Nurse director. For services to Health Care in London. Colin Leslie Jones, Lately secretary, Welsh Local Government Association. For services to Local Government. Professor Dylan Marc Jones, Professor, School of Psychology, University of Cardiff. For services to Military Science. Mrs Margaret Anne Jones, Lately chief executive, Brook. For services to Family Planning. Richard Owen Phillips Jones, Head, Amman Valley School, Ammanford. For services to Education. Professor Peter Ignaz Paul Kalmus, For services to Physics. Kartar Singh Kathuria, Executive Member and Treasurer, Kirklees Racial Equality Council. For services to Ethnic Minority Communities in Huddersfield and Kirklees, West Yorkshire. Maurice Kench, Lately chairman, Royal United Kingdom Beneficent Association.

For charitable services to Elderly People.

David William Andrew Kerr, For public service. Professor Richard Ian Kitney, Professor of Biomedical Systems Engineering, Imperial College London. For services to IT in Health Care. Mrs Marie Knott, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Kendray Hospital, Barnsley. For services to Health Care for Elderly People. Ms Zara Lamont, Director, Construction Best Practice Programme. For services to the Construction Industry. Mrs Carol Alison Laws, Headteacher, Wheatfields Junior School, St. Albans Hertfordshire. For services to the Promotion of 'Safer Routes' for School Journeys. Redbourn, Hertfordshire Mrs Josephine Laycock, Physiotherapist. For services to Incontinence Care. Penrith, Cumbria Albert Barry Leese, Managing director, Epichem Ltd. For services to the Defence Industry. George Moir Leslie, Managing director, George Leslie Ltd. For services to Civil Engineering and Construction. Mrs Valerie Ellen

Le Valliant, Lately director, Jones Lang LeSalle. For services to architecture and to the community in East London. Ronald William Lofthouse, Lately vice chairman, Merseyside TEC. For services to training. Norman Ralph Lowe, Managing director, Enviro Consulting. For services to the water industry and to environmental protection. Roger Clark Lowry, For charitable services to Health Care. John Archie Macaskill, Chairman, Crofters' Commission. For services to the Highlands and to Crofting. Miss Sheena MacFarlane, International vice president, Girls' Brigade. For services to the Girls' Brigade. Mrs Henrietta Maciver, Chief executive, Turning Point Scotland. For services to Women Offenders and Drug Misusers. Col Robert Hugh MacKeith, For services to the Cadet Forces. Angus Alexander MacKenzie, For services to Health Charities in the Highlands. Tomatin, Inverness Gordon David Mackenzie, Headteacher,

Balwearie High School, Kirkcaldy. For services to Secondary Education.

David Madden, For services to the Police. Gilbert Madley, For services to the Royal Air Forces Association in North West England. Mohinder Singh Mahi, Grade 7, OFTEL, Department of Trade and Industry. Mrs Anne Mary Mallinson, JP, For services to the community in London. Patrick Gerald Mallon, For public service. Terence Michael Mason, JP, For services to the Berkshire Association of Young People. Nicholas David Maurice, For services to OXFAM. John Joseph Anthony McCann, Deputy Collector, HM Board of Customs and Excise. London James Allan McColl, Chairman, Clyde Blowers plc. For services to the Engineering Industry. Kevin McCormac, Lately president, Justices' Clerks' Society. For services to the Criminal Justice System. Douglas Christopher Patrick McDougall, For services to Financial Services Regulation. Michael Anthony McFarlane, For services to Athletics and to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Seamus McGarvey, Business and Quality Adviser, HM Board of Inland Revenue. Basingstoke, Hampshire John Charles McGinnis, For services to the Construction Industry. George McGregor, Lately director of Estates, Greater Glasgow Primary Health Services NHS Trust. For services to the NHS. Mrs Catherine Margaret McMahon, Road Safety Research Co-ordinator, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. Henry Campbell McMurray, Director, Royal Naval Museum, Ministry of Defence. Emsworth, Hampshire Professor Jane Millar, For services to Social Policy Research. Christopher Gregory Michael Mills, For services to the Textile Industry. Lisburn, Antrim John Francis Brake Mitchell, Grade JL1, Meteorological Office, Ministry of Defence. Peter Morgan, Lately Deputy director in Wales, Employment Service, Department for Education and Employment. Roger Thomas Thorpe Morgan, For services to Young People

in Care. John Walker Motson, For services to sports broadcasting. Walter Mowbray, Prison Service Budget manager, HM Prison Service, Home Office. Leeds, West Yorkshire Henry Murdoch, Chairman, Environment and Land Use Committee, National Farmers' Union of Scotland. For services to Agriculture. Mrs Rosemary Murphy, Chief executive, National Day Nurseries Association. For services to Early Years Education. Jurat Barbara Myles, For services to the community in Jersey. Andrew Nelson, Executive chairman, IQE. For services to the Electronics Industry. Cowbride, The Vale of Glamorgan Roy Noble, Radio Presenter. For services to the community and to Charities in Wales. Humphrey Thomas Norrington, For charitable services. Michael Gordon Noyland, Assistant director, HM Board of Inland Revenue. Antony Stuart Nunn, Marine Underwriter. For services to the Marine Insurance Industry. Derek Charles Oakey,

Head, Branch B, Criminal Justice Division, Lord Chancellor's Department. Robin Francis Leigh Oakley, For services to political journalism. Ben Okri, Writer. For services to literature. Hugh Stephen Roden Orde, Deputy assistant commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service. For services to the Police. Miss Linda Ormiston, Opera Singer. For services to Opera. Wayne Otto, For services to Karate. David Andrew Arlwydd Owen, Chief executive, Medical Research Council Technology. For services to Medical Research and Technology Transfer. Peter Craig Paisley, For services to Local Government and to the community in Glasgow. William Brian Parker, Principal Community Education Officer, Coventry, West Midlands. For services to Education. Professor Christine Pascal, Chair, Early Childhood Education, Centre for Research in Early Childhood, University College Worcester. For services to Early Years Education.

Ms Naina, Patel, Founder and director, Policy Research Institute on Ageing and Ethnicity. For services to Ethnic Minority Elderly in the UK and Europe. Mrs Meena Pathak, Product Developer, Patak Spices. For services to the Food Industry. Mrs Ann Payne, Lately head of Manuscripts, British Library. For services to Manuscripts Scholarship. Mrs Fiona Natalie Peel, Chair, Gwent Health Authority. For services to the NHS. Cardiff Ms Arlene Phillips, Choreographer. For services to dance. John Leigh Phillips, For services to agriculture in Wales. Miss Sally Joyce Phillips, For services to Family Planning Services in Cornwall. Mrs Anne Pigott, For services to the National Association of Prison Visitors. Newton Abbot, Devon John Joseph Pike, Lately Chair, Greater Nottingham TEC. For services to Education and Training. Peter David Poore, For services to Save the Children. Colin Preece, Accountant, House

of Lords. John Stephen Rowland Pugh, Head, Business Services Division, Health and Safety Executive, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. Mrs Christine Reid, Member, North Wiltshire District Council. For services to Local Government. Mrs Anne Barbara Ridler, Author. For services to Literature. John Finbar Riordan, Medical director, North West London Hospitals Trust. For services to Medical Management. Professor Lewis Duthie Ritchie, For services to General Practice and Primary Care Medicine in Scotland. Col Alan Clive Roberts, MBE, DL, For services to the community in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Dennis Arthur Roberts, For services to the Royal Star and Garter Home. Mrs Anna Robertson, For services to the British Red Cross Society in Devon. Edward Heron Robson, Director, Teaching Company Directorate. For services to Competitiveness. Ms Yvonne Rose, Governor, East Yorkshire College,

East Yorkshire. For services to Further Education. Richard Henry Sedgwick, Grade 7, Benefits Agency, Department of Social Security. Whickham, Tyne and Wear David Shakespeare, Leader, Buckinghamshire County Council. For services to Local Government. Alan Shearer, For services to Association Football. Mrs Lilias Mulgrave Sheepshanks, For services to the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook. Mrs Sylvia Sheridan, Founder, Independent Media Support Ltd. For services to Broadcasting. Arnold Joseph Simanowitz, For services to Victims of Medical Accidents. The Very Rev Colin Bruce Slee, Dean of Southwark. For services to the community. London, SE1 Mrs Andrea Pamela Smith, Chair, Lincolnshire Careers Guidance Services. For services to Training. Brian Smith, Chief executive, Lite-On Ltd. For services to Education and Training. John Louis Charles Raymond Shurmer-Smith, Dean, Faculty of the Environment, University

of Portsmouth. For services to Higher Education. Mrs Mary Catherine Smith, Founder Member and lately Chair, Knowle West Against Drugs. For services to the community in Knowle West, Bristol. Ian Alexander Snedden, Head, Fire Services and Emergency Planning Division, Scottish Executive. Ms Susan Sommers, Outreach Services manager, Thames Reach Housing Association. For services to Homeless People in London. William Howard Speirs, For services to Trade Relations with China. Ian Stark, MBE, For services to Equestrian Sport. Roger Stephenson, For services to Architecture. John Watt Stevenson, Chairman, Scottish Dental Practice Board. For services to NHS Dental Services in Scotland. Ms Moira Stuart, Presenter, BBC. For services to news broadcasting. Mrs Carolyn Swain, Lately Principal manager, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. For services to Education. Alan William Taylor, Area director,

HM Board of Inland Revenue. Eric Raymond Taylor, Chairman, Rehab Scotland. For services to the Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities. John Taylor, Director, European Supply Chain, Unilever. For services to the Chemical Industry. John Pearce Thackray, Managing director, Kapitex Healthcare Ltd. For services to the Health Care Industry. Neil Thomason, Senior Civil Servant, Ministry of Defence. Bernard Tidball, Editorial Supervisor of the Vote, House of Commons. Lord Tryon, DL, For services to the Salisbury Cathedral Trust. Christopher Paul Turner, Principal, Brixham Community College, Devon. For services to Education. Kenneth Vowles, Executive director, UK Power Operations, Scottish Power. For services to the Electricity Industry. Robert James Walker, Director of Operations, Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency, Scottish Executive. David McDonald Warren, For services to the North Highland

College and to the community in Thurso, Caithness. William Ernest Warren, Head, Intelligent Client Services, PACE, HM Treasury. Holland on Sea, Essex Robert Andrew Watson, For services to the Meat Industry. Robert Drennan Watson, Founding chairman, Scottish Environment Link. For services to Environmental Management. Dermot Roger Marriott Weatherup, For services to Heritage Preservation. Hubert Maurice William Weedon, Guitarist. For services to music. David Charles Whalley, For services to Regeneration in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Sheffield, South Yorkshire Ms Kate Whiteford, Artist. For services to Art. The Rev Canon David John Whittington, For services to the community in Stockton-on-Tees. Mrs Julia Whybrew, Personnel Officer, ES Directorate, Department of Trade and Industry. John Widdrington, Business manager, Vickers Defence Systems. For services to the Defence Industry. Michael Anthony

Widdrington, Senior Assembly Counsel, National Assembly for Wales. John Arthur Wilkinson, For services to the community in Salford, Greater Manchester. Dennis Sidney Cyril Williams, Grade B2, Defence Procurement Agency, Ministry of Defence. Mrs Elisabeth Evan Williams, JP, For services to the Administration of Justice in North East England. Peter James Wilson, Director, Projects and Estates, Tate Gallery. For services to Museums. Professor Thomas Black Wilson, Principal, Glasgow College of Building and Printing. For services to Further Education. William Thompson Wright, For services to Industry and to the community. Ballymena, Antrim Keith Dunckley Yates, Chief executive, Stirling Council. For services to Local Government. Paul Young, Chief Fire Officer, Devon Fire and Rescue Service. For services to the Fire Service. Peter Andrew Young, Deputy director and chief Scientist, Home Office.