This is Labour's seat from hell - and the SNP's top target.

Mohammed Sarwar's indictment on criminal charges of financial and election irregularities, the fact that Margo MacDonald (1973) and Jim Sillars (119988) have each previously captured Govan for the SNP, and the undoubted quality of SNP candidate Nicola Sturgeon, mean this is the one supposedly-safe seat in Scotland which Labour activists are steering clear of.

However, several aspiring MSPs may be prepared to have a go in a seat which the party leadership has privately written off as almost unwinnable. Gordon Jackson, the leading criminal QC, may emerge as a surprise willing victim in The Seat Nobody Wants.

Michael Kelly, the ex-Lord Provost and PR man behind the Glasgow's Miles Better reinvention, may also be interested.

Lord (Mike) Watson, the ex-MP turned lobbyist, may get the chance to stand again in an area which he represented in Parliament until losing a bitter reselection battle to Mr Sarwar before the last election.

Gordon Guthrie, involved in the Computers For Labour group and a member of Mr Sarwar's team last year, might also fancy his chances.

A dark horse who may yet seek the nomination is Ron Culley, chief executive of the Govan Initiative for the past 11 years.

Govan is not twinned with any other seat because of disciplinary problems. The local Labour Party is functioning, but under the supervision of the party's ruling national executive committee.