WITH the preponderance of monologue, not to mention an exposition and resolution that are described rather than displayed, one gets the impression Maxton Walker would rather be writing a novel - and an Iain Banks one at that. One suspects he'd do it rather well, too. This is a show for the aficionados, though a ridiculous premise is surprisingly well wrought. Ian Banks (note the one ''i'') has a problem in that a member of his family dies every time his namesake publishes a book. The search for the source of the curse takes in secret passages, the Forth Rail Bridge, and the man himself. Those who are better read Banks-wise, will make proper sense of it, though energetic performances from Gordon Rennie, Sarah Gudgeon, and Alun Cochrane, along with vigorous, taking it seriously directing from David Roylance, at least makes a surreal drama out of a strange homage.