Scottish Motor Racing Club has come up with several new ideas for 1998. Drivers will be able to go farther afield to take part in Scottish championship races, and there will be one meeting quite different from the familiar morning and afternoon schedule.

Focus of attention will naturally be Knockhill, where the season opens on April 5. There will be a Eurocar weekend on May 2/3, and the popular Historic F1 Festival, with single-seaters plus sports-racing cars - like the Lotus 23B pictured here - returns on June 7.

SMRC takes over the running of the Porsche Cup meeting on June 13/14, and will include a round of the new MGF race series (in which the 30 specially-prepared cars have already been snapped up, with more than 60 hopeful buyers on the waiting list) in its June 28 programme. Another Eurocar meeting is on the calendar for September 19/20, and the SMRC season closes on October 11.

While not the promoting club on this occasion, SMRC will help with the running of the British Touring Car Championship meeting at Knockhill on August 15/16, and will itself run a non-championship evening meeting on July 18, in the middle of a Knock hill ''hot hatch'' weekend. A full Knockhill fixture list is available from the circuit on 01383 723337.

Holding an event away from home on the Croft circuit near Darlington has proved popular. Croft will host another Scottish championship meeting on April 18/19, and for the first time points can be raced for at Oulton Park.

The pre-season indications are that the Formula Ford and road saloon championships, and the Waverley Press XR series mostly for Fiestas, will be numerically the best supported, although races are expected to be organised for the other championships also run in 1997. Historic Ecosse will be represented at most meetings.

There is no mention on the SMRC calendar of East Fortune, though motor-cycles will continue to race there. And Forrestburn remains simply a speed hill climb venue, waiting for the developers either to add to the #1.9m of EC part-funding still available for the race circuit project, or admit the whole thing's a mirage.