ANGRY parents yesterday warned that plans forcing their children to transfer to another Glasgow secondary school will lead to gang fights and could breach health and safety regulations.

Parents from St Leonard's in Easterhouse said the move to St Andrew's in Carntyne would require teachers to operate ''concentration camp or prison'' conditions because the rivalry between both sets of pupils was so bitter.

About 50 Easterhouse mothers and fathers brought traffic outside St Andrew's to a standstill for 15 minutes yesterday as they protested outside the gates.

Frances Docherty, spokeswoman for the St Leonard's parents action group, said the plan to teach the 560 Easterhouse children in portable buildings was a disgrace.

Mrs Docherty said: ''Our children are supposed to be receiving modern education but our children are expected to be taught in conditions from the past.

''Our children will be made to feel like second class citizens sitting in overcrowded huts while the St Andrew's pupils walk past into the proper school buildings.''

She added: ''Glasgow city council and the education department have treated our children like rubbish.''

The parents also expressed grave concern about their children working in overcrowded conditions.

Mrs Docherty said: ''St Andrew's already has a role of 1100 and its maximum capacity is 1400. But with the Easterhouse pupils, this will be expanded to 1600 pupils.

''Our children are being crammed into this school and we feel that when July and August comes and the roles are form-ulated, they will realise what a crisis they are in. It is just going to get worse and worse for our children.''

The Easterhouse parents also called into question the legitimacy of the proposed planning permission for the cabins.

Mrs Docherty said: ''We are extremely concerned about how the whole planning process has been handled. There is a list of residents who have to be notified by the council of the planning proposals and we have knocked all the doors and found 40% of them had not received any notice of the planning application for the cabins.

''As far as we are concerned, the whole planning process has been breached. We have now collected 100 objections to the cabins from the local community.''

Six weeks ago, the Easterhouse parents occupied St Leonard's, angry that by shutting their school the focal point of an already impoverished community would be removed.

Now in desperation, they have written to Scottish Secretary Donald Dewar looking for some answers.