A SHOW that's proud to call itself a load of rubbish? Indeed. This is Scaffie Society, a sizzling saga of sin and sanitation which is the Aberdeen Students' Charities Campaign's annual prod at the best and worst of the Granite City.

Happily, the plot is not total garbage - Aberdeen's council refuse staff are sacked to compensate for a #76,000 overspend, and hapless hero Ben Liner finds himself short of the cash required to wed his beloved Sonja. Naively turning up at an escort agency to sell his car of the same name, he is ensnared as a gigolo, mauled by a women's darts team, and ends up escorting the low-life Bonnie Toplis, star of the Deadenders soap opera who has been paid the aforementioned #76,000 to open a ghastly shopping centre.

All a cue for some spirited song and dance, played heartily by the large cast, and some neat take-offs of contemporary cultures, particularly the Spice Girls, who become the Dyce Girls and whose dynamic If You Wanna Use My Runway is a hilarious lampooning of Aberdeen airport's notoriously draconian night landing regulations.

Otherwise the plot is littered (ouch) with laughs at Aberdeen FC, Grampian TV, and other north-east institutions, and good ensemble playing as well as spirited leading roles from love-struck Judy (Laura Main) and dimwit PC Bobby Constable (Craig Pike).

True to its panto roots, the show makes sure the scaffies get their jobs back and Ben wins Sonja's hand in marriage: more importantly, many charities will benefit by thousands of pounds after this light-hearted dustcart drama ends on Saturday.