One of television's Two Fat Ladies was last night elected rector of Aberdeen University.

Although a book signing commitment kept Clarissa Dickson-Wright from her new post, she pledged to travel to Aberdeen next week and bring chocolate cake with her.

Ms Dickson-Wright had been the front runner in the four-way bid for the rector's post .

However, the poll had gone to four recounts before she was announced victor with 941 votes.

Ms Dickson-Wright, whose grandmother was from Aberdeen, worked as a barrister in London before returning to her family roots in Mussleburgh.

Being interviewed by mobile phone by her campaign manager Paul Dickson, she said: ''I am very happy and thank my team for their support. I am looking forward to getting on with the job.'' To her fellow candidates, she said: ''It was a smashing fight. Let's do it again.''

In anticipation of her success, Ms Dickson-Wright had concocted a recipe for the student body which consisted of potatoes, cabbage, and sausages all cooked in the same pot.

One of the defeated contenders was former editor of the Scotsman, Magnus Linklater, who went out at an early stage.

Mr Linklater is the current chairman of the Scottish Arts Council and columnist for the Times and Scotland on Sunday.

He was bidding to follow in the footsteps of his father, the writer Eric Linklater, who was the rector in 1945.

The election was held after the sudden death in August of the

previous rector, Dr Allan Macartney, the SNP's deputy leader. His successor as Euro MP for the North East of Scotland will be known later today.