The Sex Education Show vs Pornography Channel 4, 9pm

The Sex Education Show returns tonight for a second run and over four nights will examine how the internet has led to burgeoning access to sexual content on computers and mobile phones as well as the gradual "pornification" of the offline world - not least the sexualisation of the high street, where supermarkets sell sex aids alongside loo roll and loaves of bread.

Presented by the anti-Mary Whitehouse, straight-talking Anna Richardson ("I've been around the block - I'm nearly 40, I have been pregnant, I have had STIs, I have had unprotected sex"), the show travels to schools across the country to give ground-breaking lessons in sex education.

The series explores how unlimited access to porn, along with its many myths and misinformation, is affecting young people's body image, self-esteem and attitudes to sex.

What unfolds is controversial, although in a society where 13-year-old boys become fathers, is perhaps not entirely without merit.

Even so, many of the findings are at best alarming and at worst downright disturbing (among them the assertion that many teenage girls today view pubic hair as abnormal and strive to get rid of it).

There are also frank interviews with sex film workers, including 21-year-old porn actor Damian Duke, who reveals unsavoury aspects of the industry and how he is prepared - in his words - to go "gay for pay" to make a living.

It recounts the unsafe practices which have left Duke and girlfriend Donna Derriere with an array of eye-watering sexual problems. Definitely not for the prudish or faint-hearted.