A group of climate protesters brought disruption to Aberdeen Airport today after breaking through a perimeter fence and setting up a barricade on an aircraft taxi-way.

Flights to and from Aberdeen Airport were delayed as a result of the security breach by members of Plane Stupid.

The campaign group said seven people had broken through the security fence and placed themselves inside a wire "fortress" on the tarmac.

Several other protesters climbed on to the roof of the terminal building, the group added.

Operator BAA said the activists were positioned on a helicopter taxi-way on the east side of the airfield.

The first flight out of Aberdeen had been scheduled to leave at around 6.30am.

Flights to Heathrow, Paris and Amsterdam were among those affected, a BAA spokesman said.

The spokesman added: "This action is dangerous and highly irresponsible, not least because Aberdeen is one of Europe's busiest commercial heliports and a major transport centre for the north of Scotland, used by tens of thousands of people every day.

"There is no justification for this irresponsible action, which is deliberately calculated to delay and inconvenience the travelling public.

"Passengers are being advised that the airport is not closed and are asked to contact their airlines directly for more information about flight schedules."

Grampian Police said there were thought to be nine protesters in total - including seven on the helipad and two on the airport roof.

A spokesman added: "Flights at the airport are currently being disrupted by the incident. Passengers are being asked by BAA to check with their air carrier for details on individual flights."

Plane Stupid said the activists broke through the airport's perimeter fence after 2am and were hoping to prevent the airport from reopening today.

The group said it was protesting against the airport's expansion plans and the resulting increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

The group added that the activists were dressed as golfers in the style of US property tycoon Donald Trump, who is planning to build a major international golf resort in the area and supports the expansion of the airport.

One of the protesters on the runway, Dan Glass, 25, from Glasgow, said: "There are seven of us here who are fenced in. Two security guards are watching us, and have called for some more people."

He added: "We're here to say the expansion cannot happen, and our generation won't let it happen.

"The scientists tell us we've got seven years to make emissions peak then drop, and if we fail, the people on this runway and their entire generation, and our children, will live with the consequences. That's why we're doing this."

In December last year Plane Stupid activists caused major disruption at Stansted airport in Essex after occupying part of the runway.

The stunt led to dozens of flights being cancelled, and more than 38 arrests.

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