My SON is five weeks old. Motherhood is wonderful, but it does have its challenges, breastfeeding being one of them. For some mothers, it works first time, but with me and him it's taken a few weeks to master. For something that's supposed to be so natural, it's been quite up and down.

Nothing can really prepare you for the sleep deprivation. You know it's coming, but the reality is grim. Then last night he slept for five hours straight, which is the longest he's ever slept and I woke up feeling completely refreshed. That half-hour snooze in the afternoon, while he's sleeping, is important.

Being pregnant focuses your mind a lot. It's only nine months, but I can hardly remember my life before. During the pregnancy I was swimming twice a week and looking after my diet. Now that's gone a little bit out of the window and I've been stuffing my face with chocolate and not getting much exercise. But spring is here, so I'm going to put him in a pram and we're going to go out for walks. I'm feeling a little bit blobby and that's something I would like to change.

When it comes to exercise, I would rather go up a munro at the weekend than slave away at the gym, though I am a gym member. I try to do outdoor activities and so we do a lot of exercise at weekends. My husband and I are quite into windsurfing. Holidays tend to be active - windsurfing, skiing, boogie-boarding or walking. We'll put the baby in a backpack and take him walking with us.

I went off drink in the beginning of the pregnancy because I had bad morning sickness. I did fancy a glass in the later stages, but I didn't have any, so I was alcohol-free. Now I have a glass of wine occasionally.

I haven't eaten red meat for 20 years, but I've always eaten fish and occasionally I have organic, free-range chicken. I was one of those classic 15-year-olds who become a vegetarian with all the other girls at school, and it's something I've continued to do, though I'm not vegetarian now. I don't really like red meat, but I suppose there's an ethical dimension to my choice. I read health stories in the press with interest, but I don't necessarily follow the advice closely. Because I have a background in science, I'm sceptical sometimes. But I try to limit my salt intake. I'm going to slot in the Science Festival events in between feeds. My husband is taking the day off to look after the baby. Hermione Cockburn presents two events at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Get Ready for Some Time Travel with the Fossil Detectives (eight and over) on April 17, and Fossil Detectives: Discovering Prehistoric Britain (12+) on April 18. Tickets £4 adults, £3 children. Book at or call 0131 553 0322.