Which school did you go to and when?

I went to Peveril Bilateral - not bisexual! - in Nottingham from 1961 to 1966.

Top teacher?

Mr Edwards the religious instruction teacher. He made the whole class cry telling us about how his faith got him through - he was in Burma during the war - and after that you felt you could talk about the faith you had, if any.

Were you hard-working or hard work?

I remember being absolutely distraught when I moved from junior to secondary school and I was put in form 1B. I thought: I'm cleverer than that! The next year I was in 2A. I was a hard-worker. I wanted to reach a good level.

First team for everything or last to be picked?

I was hopeless at sport. When we went to gym we had to jump over the buck and I got stuck on it; at hockey the gym mistress told me to bully off and then shouted after me: "You're supposed to take the ball with you dear!" I always tried to get out of it. I had my period every two weeks - they thought there was something wrong with me.

Belted, birched or bawled out?

We didn't get the belt, we got a ruler on the back of the legs. I got bawled out for wearing a cape to school. They said I was too theatrical for my own good. Then I won a couple of awards and they started to change their tune!

Sad to say bye or longing to leg it?

We all cried! I really enjoyed myself at school. I remember I was off for three weeks once with sinusitis and I was mortified because I was scared of falling behind.

What was your worst, or your best, year?

My last year was my best because I got asked out by the biggest hunk in the school. It was a bit of a disappointment because he turned out to be a boring old sort - but it was still nice to be asked.

What do you wish they taught now?

Dancing. Not just free dance but dances like the waltz because they have been so badly neglected.

Girls on tour - what was the best school trip you ever had?

One of the best was to Switzerland. We went skiing and I fell in love with one of the German guys - there were a lot of schools there from all over. I was only 15 and I think the teachers were rather worried there might be a sexual encounter. There wasn't - just some rather passionate kissing.

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