An exhibition by one of Scotland's most remarkable artists is to be held next month.

Edward Rainey, 46, has been paralysed from the neck down since being injured in a swimming pool accident while on holiday in Marbella, Spain, 23 years ago.

The accident happened not long after he finished a four-year spell in the Army during which he served with the Royal Highland Fusiliers in Northern Ireland.

After months of depression and distress he managed to come to terms with his paralysis through painting. He uses his mouth to hold his tools and then paints and sculpts.

His artwork is now widely respected by critics and sought after by art lovers and collectors throughout the world.

Mr Rainey, from Pollok, Glasgow, is the only Scottish representative of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists' Association, an international body which supports and represents more than 600 disabled artists worldwide who cannot use their hands.

About 20 paintings and some sculptures by Mr Rainey will go on show at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow from October 3-29 in an exhibition entitled - A celebration of 23 years able bodiment and disabled bodiment.

Mr Rainey said: "A lot of people think you can't do anything with your life if you are confined to a wheelchair.

"This exhibition is about my evolvement as an artist after becoming paralysed from the neck down.

"It shows that some positivity can be gained from the negativity of being in a wheelchair."