FOUR Socialist MSPs barred from the parliament following a protest in the chamber yesterday demonstrated outside Holyrood against the ban.

Colin Fox, SSP leader, and Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran and Rosie Kane had staged a sit-in on the right to protest over July's G8 summit at Gleneagles hotel. They were also docked around GBP30,000 in wages following the exchanges with Jack McConnell.

All six Socialist MSPs and around 25 party workers and supporters carrying placards and leaf lets yesterday joined in the protest.

Mr Fox said he had "absolutely no regrets" about his actions during first minister's questions on June 30. Ms Kane, Glasgow MSP, also defended her actions. "This was a huge international issue and the parliament effectively shielded the G8 from the people."

At the time, George Reid, Holyrood presiding officer, branded their actions "an absolute disgrace".