Doherty, 20, set up SuperJam at the age of 14 using his grandmother’s secret jam recipes. After cooking jam at home for several years and then selling his produce at farmers’ markets and to delicatessens, he developed a method of producing jam entirely from fruit and fruit juice, making it healthier and better tasting than regular jams, some of which contain additives and high amounts of sugar.

After setting up production, creating a brand and perfecting his recipes, Doherty became the youngest ever supplier to a major supermarket when he introduced his range of products in March 2007.

SuperJam is now available in most of the main supermarket chains in the UK and Doherty is working on expanding his business overseas. “I’m thrilled to be chosen as the Nectar Business Entrepreneur of the Year,” he said. “I’m absolutely passionate about the business and challenging the status quo of the traditional jam industry and it’s wonderful to be recognised for all the hard work that everyone involved has put in.”

SuperJam sells more than 500,000 jars a year and is now exhibited in the National Museum of Scotland as an “Iconic Scottish Brand” alongside Irn Bru, Tunnock’s and Baxters.

In addition to running a successful business, Doherty has also given his time to community programmes. He helps organise SuperJam Tea Parties for elderly people who live alone, in care homes or in sheltered housing.

Since October last year, SuperJam has sponsored more than 100 events across the UK, with live music, dancing and of course, scones and SuperJam.

The company said as many as 500 guests have attended these events and they are growing in popularity every month.