David Charles Maurice Bell, Chair, Financial Times Group. For services to Business, the Arts and Charity in London. Trevor David Brooking, CBE, Director of Football Development, English Football Association. For services to Sport. Hugh Robert Collum, Chair, British Nuclear Fuels. For services to the Nuclear Industry. Professor Alan William Craft, President, Royal College of Paediatrics and Professor of Child Health, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. For services to Medicine. Professor Peter Robert Crane, FRS, Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. For services to Horticulture and Conservation. Crispin Henry Lamert Davis, Chief executive, Reed Elsevier. For services to the Information Industry. Thomas Joseph Duggin, HM Ambassador, Bogota. Leslie Elton, Formerly chief executive, Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council. For services to Local Government. Frederick Anderson Goodwin, Group chief

executive, Royal Bank of Scotland. For services to Banking. Professor Peter Stanley Harper, CBE, Formerly Professor of Medical Genetics, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff, and consultant Clinical Geneticist and Physician. For services to Medicine. David George Henshaw, Chief executive, Liverpool City Council. For services to Local Government. The Rt Hon Gerald Bernard Kaufman, MP, Member of Parliament for Manchester Gorton. For services to Parliament. John Anthony Lewis, OBE, Principal, Dixons City Technology College, Bradford. For services to Education. Professor John Brian Pendry, FRS, Professor of Theoretical Solid State Physics, Imperial College, London. For services to Science. Robert Weston Phillis, Chief executive, Guardian Media Group. For services to the Media Industry. Julian Michael Horn-Smith, Group chief Operating Officer, Vodafone. For services to International

Mobile Telecommunications. Alan William Steer, Headteacher, Seven Kings High School, Redbridge, London. For services to Education. Professor Nicholas Herbert Stern, Formerly Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist, World Bank and Professor of Economics, London School of Economics. For services to Economics. Geoffrey Michael Montgomery Wakeford, OBE, Chairman, Governing Board of the Walsall City Academy (on behalf of The Mercers Company). For services to Education. Professor David James Wallace, CBE, FRS, DL, For services to UK Science, Technology and Engineering. Willard Wentworth White, CBE, Singer. For services to Music. Peter James Joseph Winship, CBE, QPM, Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary. For services to the Police. Dr Gregory Winter, CBE, FRS, Joint Head, Division of Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology. For services to

Molecular Biology.



Sir David Bruce Omand, KCB, Permanent secretary, Cabinet Office.


Edwin Geoffrey Bowman, CB, First Parliamentary Counsel.


Miss Priscilla Jean Baines, Head, Library Department, House of Commons. John Anthony Catlin, Director of Legal Services, Department for Work and Pensions. Ms Alexis Jane Cleveland, Chief executive, The Pension Service. David John Gould, Deputy chief executive, Defence Procurement Agency. Dr Ruth Hall, Chief Medical Officer for Wales. Christopher George Maccabe, Senior Civil Servant, Northern Ireland Office. Stephen John Pickford, Director, International Finance, HM Treasury. Robert Lee Smith, Director general, Regional Development Group, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Jonathan Edward Simon Tross, Chief executive, Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, Department for Education and Skills. Ms Eithne Victoria Wallis, Formerly director general, National Probation Service for England and Wales. John Roger Weiss, Group director, Business Group, Export Credits Guarantee Department.

Philip Martin Wheatley, Director general, HM Prison Service.



Judge Richard George May, Formerly Judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.



Sir John Stephen Wall, KCMG, LVO, Head of European Secretariat, Cabinet Office.


Sherard Louis Cowper-Coles, CMG, LVO, HM Ambassador, Riyadh. Gregory David Green, CMG, Director general, British Council.


James Oswald Atkinson, HM Ambassador, Kinshasa. Henry Joly Dixon, Formerly director, Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission. David John Fitton, Deputy head of Mission, Ankara and formerly Acting Consul-General, Istanbul. Adrian Greer, British Council director, Russia. Ms Joanna Christian Mary Korner, QC, Formerly Senior Prosecuting Counsel, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Ian Forbes McCredie, OBE, Counsellor, British Embassy, Washington. William Andrew O'Neil, Formerly Secretary-General, International Maritime Organisation. Mrs Anne Fyfe Pringle, HM Ambassador, Prague. David Frank Richmond, UK Special Representative for Iraq. Christopher Michael John Segar, Head of British Office, Baghdad.



Vice Admiral David Anthony James (Tom) Blackburn, CB, LVO, Master of the Household.


Col Henry Malcolm Chitty Havergal, OBE, Formerly Gentleman Usher. Col Anthony Paul Arengo Arengo-Jones, Formerly secretary General, International Award Association (The Duke of Edinburgh's Award). John Lyles, CBE, Formerly Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire. Marcus Edward Setchell, Surgeon-Gynaecologist, Royal Household.


David William Gareth Beynon, Obstetrician, Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey. Miss Heather Rosalind Colebrook, MVO, Chief Housekeeper, Royal Household. Mrs Elsa Myfanwy Davies, Director of the National Playing Fields Association. Dr Jonathan James Cornelius Holliday, Apothecary to the Royal Household, Windsor Castle. Mrs Elisabeth Aline Clare Hunka, Director of Personnel, Royal Household. Mrs Elizabeth Harriet Bowes-Lyon, Lady in Waiting to The Princess Royal. Dr Karyn Peta Maltby, Paediatrician, Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey. Philip Guy McCracken, Chairman, Duchy Originals. Dr David Colin Mitchell, Apothecary to The Prince of Wales. Miss Theresa-Mary Morton, MVO, Exhibitions Co-ordinator, Royal Collection. Justin Robert O'Connor, Official secretary to the Governor of Queensland. Peter John Ord, Resident Factor, Balmoral Estate. William Edward Johnston Preston, Formerly head of Royal Households'

Secretariat, Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Michael John Stephenson, MBE, DL, Formerly County Board chairman, The Prince's Trust. The Rev Canon John Austin White, Canon of Windsor.


Frederick George Benefer, RVM, Fruit farm manager, Sandringham Estate. Miss Barbara Helen Kerry Bishop, Visitor manager, Buckingham Palace. David Stuart Brown, Formerly Special Services manager, English, Welsh and Scottish Railways. Miss Caroline Ann Cassels, Matron, King Edward VII's Hospital, London (Sister Agnes). David Dance, Inspector, Metropolitan Police. For services to Royalty Protection. Lt Cdr Alastair Neil Spencer Graham, Royal Navy, Equerry to The Prince of Wales. Tadeusz Kania, Inspector, Metropolitan Police. For services to Gloucestershire Constabulary. Harold Norman Loughran, Formerly Development Award Assessor, The Prince's Trust. Thomas Henry Sharp, Chief Yeoman Warder, HM Tower of London. Adrian Michael Smith, Assistant to the Master of the Household, 'C' Branch. Sgt Kevin Sullivan, Metropolitan Police. For services to Royalty Protection. David Charles Wheeler, Senior Furniture

Conservator, Royal Collection.



Michael Barwell, Yeoman Bedgoer, The Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard. Constable Peter Arthur James Blake, Metropolitan Police. For services to Royalty Protection. John Robert Brown, Woodman, Crown Estate, Windsor. Cecil George Doel, Gatekeeper, Home Park, Windsor. Timothy Mark Doncaster, Junior Pastry Sous Chef, Royal Household. James Forrest, General Labourer/Handyman, HM Tower of London. Anthony John Hardingham, Tractor Driver, Sandringham Estate. Mrs Amanda Jane Holdforth, Housekeeper, Sunninghill Park. David Thomas Hopkin, Bailiff, Manor of Ogmore, Duchy of Lancaster. Paul Alexander Lawrence, Gardener, Crown Estate, Windsor. Kevin David Lomas, House manager, Highgrove House. Daniel Martell, BEM, Deputy head Chauffeur, Royal Household. Nigel Robert McEvoy, Travelling Yeoman, Royal Household. Leigh Kent Millington, Executive Butler, Government House, Hobart. Mrs Rayma Murphy,

Daily Lady, Royal Mews, Windsor Castle. Martin Paul Oates, Senior Carriage Restorer, Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace. Mrs Winifred Ann Oates, Accounts Clerk, Royal Collection. David Russell Quick, Chef and Deputy Butler, Bagshot Park, Surrey. Michael Anthony Shillabeer, Security Officer, Metropolitan Police. Brian William Stephen Tougher, Butler and Valet, Bagshot Park, Surrey. Robert William Turvey, Sales manager/Foreman, Sawmill, Sandringham Estate. Constable John Walker, Metropolitan Police. For services to Royalty Protection.




Mrs Enid Bibby, Headteacher, Wood Green High School College of Sport, Wednesbury, West Midlands. For services to Education. Lady Diana Brittan Of Spennithorne, CBE, JP, Formerly Chair, Community Fund. For Public Service and Charity. Mrs Hilary Mary Cropper, CBE, Member, National Employment Panel and Security Commission. For Public and Charitable Services. Ms Jacqueline Docherty, Director of Nursing and Operations, King's College Hospital. For services to the NHS. Professor Olwen Hufton, Emeritus Fellow, Merton College, University of Oxford. For services to History. Ms Deirdre Mary Hutton, CBE, Executive Chair, National Consumer Council. For services to Consumers. Dr Gillian Margaret Morgan, Chief executive, NHS Confederation. For services to the NHS. Ms Denise Platt, CBE, Chair, Commission for Social Care Inspection. For services to Social Care. Mrs Marion Audrey Roe, MP, Member of Parliament

for Broxbourne. For services to Parliament.


George Lawrence Hastings Alderson, Chair, Rare Breeds Survival Trust and Trustee, Rare Breeds International. For services to Conservation. Ms Helen Anne Alexander, Chief executive, The Economist Group. For services to Publishing. John Thomas Anderson, Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, South Tees Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. For services to Medicine. Michael Ash, Deputy director of Planning, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Nicholas Charles Fairthorn Barber, For services to Heritage. Colin Barrow, Chairman, Improvement and Development Agency. For services to Local Government. Professor John Michael Batty, Director, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College, London. For services to Geography. Michael John Baunton, President, Perkins Engines Company. For services to the Automotive and Engineering Industries. Karan Faridoon Bilimoria, DL, Member, National Employment Panel. For

services to Business. Miss Valerie Margaret Bourne, OBE, Artistic director, Dance Umbrella. For services to Dance. Dr Roger Michael Boyle, National director for Heart Disease, Department of Health. David Brown, Detective Superintendent, Greater Manchester Police. For services to the Police. Professor Ian Waugh Bruce, Formerly Director-General, Royal National Institute of the Blind. For services to Blind and Partially Sighted People. The Rt Worshipful Sheila Morag Clark Cameron, QC, Dean of the Arches and Auditor of the Chancery Court of York. For services to the Church of England. Ian Percy Cannell, MBE, Formerly National Chair, Royal British Legion. For services to the Royal British Legion. Edward Francis Cantle, Chair, Independent Review Team on Community Cohesion. For services to Local Government. Mrs Ruth Carnall, Director Change Management Programme, Department of Health. Michael John

Cassidy, Deputy chairman, City Architecture Forum. For services to the Corporation and City of London. Professor David Alan Chipperfield, Architect and Principal, David Chipperfield Architects. For services to Architecture. Dr Judy Anne MacArthur Clark, Chair, Farm Animal Welfare Council. For services to Animal Welfare. Geoffrey Charles Cooper, OBE, Managing director, Chelton/Cobham plc. For services to the Defence Industry. The Rt Hon Lady Hazel Josephine Aronson Cosgrove, QC, Judge. For services to the Criminal Justice System in Scotland. Professor John Patrick Croxall, Head, Conservation Biology, British Antarctic Survey. For services to Ornithology. Dennis Tyrone Davis, OBE, QFSM, Formerly HM chief inspector of Fire Services for Scotland. Geoffrey Charles Elliott, Journalist. For services to Journalism. Mrs Diana Margaret Ellis, Chairman, Amateur Rowing Association. For services to Rowing.

Professor Hadyn Douglas Ellis, Deputy vice-Chancellor, University of Wales, Cardiff. For services to Higher Education. Dr John Ferrie, Group managing director, Smiths Aerospace. For services to the Defence and Aerospace Industries. Thomas Oliver Flood, Chief executive, British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. For services to Conservation. Bryan Forbes, President, National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. For services to the Arts. Professor Farieda Fortune, Professor of Medicine in relation to Oral Health, Queen Mary University of London. For services to Dentistry. Mohammed Tarique Ghaffur, QPM, Assistant commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service, London. For services to the Police. David Gillett, Formerly head of Information Systems and Services Department, Department for International Development. Ian Robert Glenday, Executive director, Gateways, Office of Government Commerce. Miss Judith

Anne Grylls, Headteacher, Osmani Primary School, Tower Hamlets, London. For services to Education. Andrew Joseph Gunz, Assistant Solicitor, Inland Revenue. Roger Michael De Haan, DL, Chair, SAGA Group. For services to Business, Charity and Education. Professor Christopher John Ham, Professor of Health Policy and Management, University of Birmingham. For services to the NHS. Dr Vernon George Handley, Conductor. For services to Music. Professor David Antony Haslam, General Medical Practitioner and Chairman, Royal College of General Practitioners. For services to Healthcare. Gavin Douglas Henderson, Principal, Trinity College of Music and Chair, National Foundation for Youth Music. For services to Music and to the Arts. Leonard Alexander Higson, Formerly Area Procurator Fiscal, Glasgow. Lee Terence Hughes, For public service. John Vincent Hurt, Actor. For services to Drama. David Jackson, JP,

Chief executive, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. For services to the NHS. Thomas James Jennings, Chair, Rotary Group Ltd. For services to the Construction and Engineering Industries in Northern Ireland. Miss Alison Kerr, Chief Crown Prosecutor, Crown Prosecution Sevice. Ian Michael Laing, DL, For charitable services especially to the Arts, Business, Education and Health. Richard Philip Ley, Formerly Central Operations director, Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency, Swansea. Mrs Anne Mary Lonsdale, President, New Hall, University of Cambridge. For services to Higher Education. His Honour Judge Shaun Lyons, Secretary of the Council of Circuit Judges. For services to the Administration of Justice. Colin MacLean, Headteacher, Auchinleck Academy, Ayrshire. For services to Education. Professor Joseph Peter McGeehan, Director, Centre for Communications Research, University of Bristol. For services

to the Communications Industry. William McGinnis, OBE, DL, Formerly Chair, Learning and Skills Board. For services to Training and Business in Northern Ireland. Roger Joseph McGough, OBE, Poet, Children's Author and Broadcaster. For services to Literature. Dr Marion North-McNamara, OBE, Formerly principal and chief executive, Laban Centre, London. For services to Dance. Mrs Pamela Mary McPhee, Chief Officer, Durham Area. For services to the National Probation Service. Geoffrey John Mulgan, Senior Civil Servant, Prime Minister's Office. Peter Charles Nicholson, Chairman, Royal National Lifeboat Institution. For services to the Maritime Rescue. Professor Jean Agnes Orr, Head, School of Nursing and Midwifery and Professor of Nursing, Queens University, Belfast. For services to Nursing Education. Martin David Paisner, For charitable services. Professor David Neil Payne, FRS, Director, Optoelectronics

Research Centre, University of Southampton. For services to Photonics. Alan Pedder, Chair, Remploy. For services to Disabled People. Mrs Barbara Phillips, Director, Social Enterprise Unit, Department of Trade and Industry. Professor John Anthony Pickett, FRS, Head, Biological Chemistry Division, Rothamsted Research Station. For services to Biological Chemistry. Professor Phil Redmond, Television Writer and Producer. For services to Drama. John Edward Roberts, Chief executive, United Utilities plc. For services to the Utility Industries. Mrs Jane Mary Elizabeth Holderness-Roddam, LVO, For services to Equestrian Sport. Miss Katherine Patricia Routledge, OBE, Actress. For services to Drama. Brian Michael Rowntree, Chair, Probation Board for Northern Ireland. For services to the Criminal Justice System. Lindsay Allan Roy, Headteacher, Inverkeithing High School, Fife. For services to Education.

Paul Chandrasekharan Sabapathy, OBE, Chair and Pro Chancellor, University of Central England. For services to Education and to Business in the West Midlands. Andrew James Seber, County Education Officer, Hampshire Local Education Authority. For services to Education. Mrs Carol Frances Sergeant, Formerly managing director, Financial Services Authority. For services to Financial Regulation. Stephen Arthur Shaw, Prisons and Probation Ombudsman. Dr Colin William Sinclair, Formerly chief executive, Sunderland City Council. For services to Local Government. Professor Annette Dionne Karmiloff-Smith, Head, Neurocognitive Development Unit, Institute of Child Health. For services to Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. Gordon James Smith, Resident director for Scotland, IBM and Chair, CBI Scotland. For services to Business in Scotland. Ronald Richard Spinney, Chair, Hammerson plc. For services to

the Property Industry. Professor William Stevely, Principal and vice-Chancellor, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. For services to Higher Education. Barry John Stickings, Chairman BASF plc and the Chemistry Leadership Council. For services to the Chemicals Industry. Graham Stow, Formerly Group chief executive, Britannia Building Society. For services to Business and to the Department for Work and Pensions. Mrs Barbara Stuttle, Chair, Association for Nurse Prescribing. For services to the NHS. Ms Clare Sumner, Senior Civil Servant, Prime Minister's Office. Col John William Frederick Sweeting, Chief executive, Treloar Trust and formerly Chair, Association of National Specialist Colleges. For services to Special Needs Education. Ms Christine Tacon, General Manager, Farmcare (part of the Co-operative Group). For services to Agriculture. Mrs Ann Taylor, Director, Coal Health Claims Unit, Department

of Trade and Industry. William John Anthony Timpson, Chair and chief executive, Timpson. For services to the Retail Sector. Philip Cursley Toase, Chief Fire Officer, West Yorkshire Fire Service. For services to the Fire Service. Thomas Keith Todd, Chair, Broadband Stakeholder Group, Easynet plc and FFastFill plc. For services to the Telecommunications Industry. Archibald Boyd Tunnock, MBE, Managing director, Tunnocks Bakery. For services to charity in Scotland. David John Verey, Formerly Chair, Board of Trustees, Tate Galleries. For services to Art. Peter Derek Watkins, Senior Civil Servant, Ministry of Defence. Mrs Ruth Westbrook, Formerly Headteacher, Tile Hill Wood Girls' School, Coventry. For services to Education. Mrs Mary Ruth Weston, For charitable services through the Garfield Weston Foundation. Dr Susan Frances Whyte, Consultant Psychiatrist, Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust.

For services to Medicine. Professor John William Wilesmith, Head of Epidemiology Department, Veterinary Laboratories Agency. Professor Nairn Hutchison Fulton Wilson, Dean and head, Guy's, King's and St. Thomas' Dental Institute, King's College London. For services to Dentistry and Healthcare Regulation. David Michael Lindley Witherow, Formerly Executive Chair, Radio Authority. For services to Broadcasting. Ewart Wooldridge, Formerly director, Civil Service College.


Roger Henry Allsopp, Founding chairman, Medical Specialists Group. For services to Medicine in Guernsey. Dr Peter Edward Andry, OAM, Vice-president, Music Therapy Charity. For services to Music and Charity. Professor Robin Richard Baker, Director, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, Kent. For services to Higher Education. Duncan Walker Bannatyne, For services to Business and Charity in the North East of England. Robert John Bansback, Director, Corporate Strategy, Meat and Livestock Commission. For services to the Meat and Livestock Industry. Mrs Marion Bastin, Formerly head, Trials Unit, Crown Prosecution Service, Cambridgeshire. Mrs Annie Murray Smith Bennett, Headteacher, Knotty Ash Primary School, Liverpool. For services to Education. Brian Bennett, Musician, Songwriter and Composer for Film and Television. For services to Music. Mrs Katherine Susan Bennett, Head of Government

Affairs, GM Vauxhall Motors. For services to the Automotive Industry and to Charity. Neil Winston Benson, Chair and honorary secretary, Saints and Sinners Club. For charitable services. Derek Boden, Member, Bury Metropolitan Borough Council and Leader, North West Assembly. For services to Local Government. Ms Helen Boon, Practice Development Nurse, North Tyneside Primary Care Trust and Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust. For services to the NHS. Brian George Booth, JP, DL, For services to the community in Preston, Lancashire. Mark Noy Boulton, Executive director, International Centre for Conservation Education. For services to Education in Developing Countries. John Boyle, Company director, The Hamilton Portfolio Ltd. For services to Business. Martin Tilston Broadhurst, Chief executive, Marshall Aerospace. For services to the Aerospace Industry. Professor Richard Anthony Brook, President, Sira

Group. For services to the UK Space Industry. Mrs Margaret Jayne Brown, Chief executive, Doncaster East Primary Care Trust. For services to the NHS. Dr Robert Adrian Brown, For services to Nature Conservation in Northern Ireland. Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Brown, Member, Competition Commission. For services to Business. George Herbert Hamilton Bryan, For services to Tourism in the West Midlands. Professor Susan Jean Buckley, Director of Research and Training, The Down Syndrome Educational Trust. For services to Special Needs Education. Mrs Kathleen Burgess, Director of Social Work. For services to the Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association. Keith Burgess, Vice-Chair, Public Services Productivity Panel. For public service. Geoffrey Alan Burtenshaw, Head of Avionics Flight Test, Civil Aviation Authority. For services to Civil Aviation. Peter David Burton, Chair of the Trustees, Wood

Green Animal Shelters. For services to the Welfare of Animals. John Barnard Bush, JP, DL, For services to the community in Wiltshire. Ms Ruth Caleb, Executive Producer, BBC Television. For services to Drama. Mrs Lavinia Margaret Leila Carey, Director General, British Video Association and Vice-President, National Children's Home. For services to Young People. Mrs Joan Fiona Castle, For charitable services, especially to Global Care. Professor David Chadwick, Chair, Secretary of State for Transport's Honorary Medical Advisory Panel on Driving and Disorders of the Nervous System. For services to Road Safety. Hasan Chawdhry, Headteacher, Edinburgh Primary School, Waltham Forest, London. For services to Education. Mrs Susanna Mary Cheal, MBE, Chief executive, The Who Cares? Trust. For services to Children and Young People. Samuel Henry Cherry, Principal Officer, Invest NI, Department of Enterprise,

Trade and Investment, Northern Ireland. Ms Alison Jill Chitty, Theatre Designer. For services to Drama. Mrs Joan Christie, MBE, Chair, North Eastern Education and Library Board. For services to Libraries in Northern Ireland. Barry Clayman, Concert Promoter. For services to Entertainment and Charity. Mrs Lynda Margaret Collis, Implementation manager, Child Support Agency. Mrs Gita Conn, JP, For services to the Pro-Contact Greater Manchester Supervised Children's Contact and Assessment Centre. Ms Shirley Ida Conran, President, The Work Life Balance Trust. For services to Equal Opportunities. Alan Coombe, Director of Works, Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Mrs Jilly Cooper, Writer. For services to Literature. Nicholas Cooper, Business relations manager, Pharmaceuticals, Department of Trade and Industry. Capt Rex Andre Cooper, For services to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Association. Philip Cotterill,

Director, Kirklees Social Services Department. For services to Social Work in West Yorkshire. Oliver Croft, Founder and director, British Darts Organisation. For services to Darts. Miss Victoria Crowe, Painter. For services to Art. Col Peter Edward Burgoyne Daniel, Retired Officer Principal, Ministry of Defence. Mrs Anne Deborah Darby, Substance Misuse Specialist Health Visitor, North East Lincolnshire. For services to the NHS. John Roderick Davidson, Director of Administration and Clerk of the Council, University of London. For services to Higher Education. Geoffrey Davies, Managing director, McConnel Ltd and Alamo Group (Europe) Ltd. For services to Agriculture and to the community in Ludlow, Shropshire. Mrs Lucienne Day, Textile Designer. For services to Design. Professor Caroline Dean, Associate Research director, John Innes Centre, Norwich. For services to Plant Sciences. Pooran Desai,

Director, Bioregional Development Group. For services to Sustainable Development. Robert Lawrence Doherty, Formerly director of Investigations, Office of the Assembly Ombudsman, Northern Ireland. Professor Charles Peter Downes, Dean, Life Sciences Faculty, University of Dundee. For services to Life Sciences. Brian Duckworth, Managing director, Severn Trent Water. For services to the Water Industry. Cecil Duckworth, For services to the community especially the Environment and Sport in Worcestershire. Peter John Edwards, Formerly chief Superintendent, British Transport Police. For services to the Police. Dr Victoria Edwards, Formerly Board Member, Countryside Agency. For services to the Environment. Julian Garth Ellis, Chair, Ellis Developments Ltd. For services to the Technical Textiles Industry and to the Welfare of Prisoners. John David Emmerson, For services to Publicly Funded Legal Services.

Col Terrence Henry English, For services to the Royal British Legion. Philip Entwistle, Headteacher, St Bede's Catholic High School, Ormskirk, Lancashire. For services to Education. Peter Evans, Headteacher, Cardinal Newman Roman Catholic Secondary School, Hove, East Sussex. For services to Education. John Roy Trustram Eve, DL, For services to the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals, Thames Valley Crime Stoppers and to other charities. Mrs Margaret Fay, Formerly managing director, Tyne Tees Television. For services to Broadcasting. Ms Julie Anita Fleck, Access Officer, Greater London Authority. For services to Disabled People. Ms Sarah Louise Fowler, Secretary and Trustee, Shark Trust. For services to Marine Conservation. Roy Alexander Franklin, Chief executive, Paladin Resources. For services to the UK Oil and Gas Industries. Maj John William Garner, Chief executive, KidsOut Charity. For

services to Disadvantaged and Special Needs Children. George Gelber, Head, Public Policy Unit, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. Robert Edward Bruce Gilbert, Chief Superintendent, Bloxwich Operational Command Unit. For services to Regeneration in the West Midlands. Mrs Ann Heron Gloag, For charitable services. Dr David Goldberg, Rabbi For services to Inter-Faith Relations. Professor John Good, Chair, Forestry Commission Wales Advisory Committee. For services to the Environment. Richard John Gregory, Deputy Chair, Yorkshire Forward. For services to the Yorkshire and Humber Region. Dr Sunjai Gupta, Senior Medical Officer, Public Health Development and Health Inequalities Unit, Department of Health. Michael Geoffrey Minton Haines, For services to the community in Hackney, London. Frank William Hallett, Formerly Deputy Deliverer of the Vote (Production), House of Commons. Sir Stephen

George Hammick, Bt, DL, For services to Health and to the community in Dorset. Derek Sydney Hanson, Treasurer, International Youth Hostel Federation. For services to Youth Hostelling. Albert Harrison, Managing director, Belfast International Airport. For services to Aviation. Edward Theodore Hartill, For services to the Corporation of London and to Surveying. Professor Christopher Haslett, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, University of Edinburgh. For services to Medical Research. John Anthony Hassell, Headteacher, Glyne Gap Special School, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex. For services to Special Needs Education. Hugh Hastie, Chief executive, Derbyshire Connexions Partnership. For services to Young People. Dr Kevin Howard Hawkins, Director-General, British Retail Consortium. For services to the Food Industry. Andrew Dudley Hayward, Divisional Veterinary manager, State Veterinary Service, Carlisle.

Mrs Eilish Henry, National Open Case Recovery Programme manager, Inland Revenue. Edward William Valentine Holding, Formerly Honorary Treasurer, Girlguiding UK. For services to Young People. Mrs Kathleen Ann Holt, Governor, Springwood Nursery School, Bristol Cathedral School and Monkton school Bath.