presenters from central Scotland's Real Radio will take part in a reality show at the Ideal Home Show Scotland. In The Real Sleepover, eight presenters will live together in a specially built set for the duration of the show.

They will broadcast their programmes live from the SECC each day, and will face challenges at 1pm. These will be set by the show organisers, and visitors and radio listeners will be asked to vote each day for whoever they want to carry out the tasks. Given that hot tubs are among the exhibits, there should be fun and games for all.

Everyone is invited to vote for their favourite presenter each day, and the personality with the fewest number of votes will face eviction at 3pm.

Colin Kelly :

Will you take a mascot for luck, and if so, what?I will be taking in my St Mirren strip for luck. It brings me luck. More luck than it brings the team, by the looks of things.

Who and what will you miss most?

I will miss my girlfriend Emma the most. She's a school teacher and keeps me sane by telling me all about her day as I tell her about the madness of mine. I find it very therapeutic as it seems there's a great deal of common ground between pubescent teenagers and insecure media types.

What are you most looking forward to/dreading about the whole experience? I am most looking forward to being closer to the Ideal Home Show than ever before. It is my favourite event in Glasgow and I go every year with my mum and dad. I love seeing the guys doing the product demos and this year I hope to try out some sales patter myself.

What made you do it in the first place? I want people to see there is much more to me than just the guy that reads the news. I have to be straightlaced to do that job and I am a bit more interesting in real life.

What do you hope to gain?I hope to gain new friends. Being on the breakfast show means I don't spend much time with the other presenters, so I hope we get to know each other a bit.