CLAIMS that a convicted child molester was invited into Kensington

Palace sparked renewed concern over royal security last night.

Buckingham Palace and the police would not discuss the alleged

incident at the home of the Princess of Wales, her sons Prince William

and Prince Harry, and other royals.

The latest episode, reported in yesterday's News of the World, comes

after the recent theft of the Duke of Edinburgh's jewelled sword from

the Royal Mews museum at Windsor Castle, a drunken expedition into

Windsor Castle some days earlier by two boys from Eton College, and a

burglary at the Prince of Wales's private apartments at St James's

Palace in February.

The newspaper said Mr Eddie Houghton, 43, was sneaked into Kensington

Palace by Princess Margaret's butler, Mr Harold Lodge. Mr Lodge got in

touch with Mr Houghton, said to have convictions for abusing five

children just a little younger than the royal Princes, through a contact


A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ''We are not prepared to discuss