MR John Cole-Hamilton, a well known figure in the commercial, public,

and political life of the West of Scotland for many years, has died. He

was 92.

Qualifying as a chartered accountant in 1924 and immediately setting

up his own practice, Mr Cole-Hamilton stayed in full-time practice until

he retired in 1983.

Born in Kilwinning, Ayrshire, he was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant

in the Royal Flying Corps in 1916, where he served for more than two

years as a test pilot at Farnborough, and Montrose.

On demobilisation he entered his chartered accountant apprenticeship

with a Glasgow company. During this time, he and a friend, Charles

Kelly, were involved in trust work, and in 1927 published a text book on

the subject.

Mr Cole-Hamilton served for many years on the former Ayrshire County

Council, and was involved with its health, finance, and licensing

committees. He was Provost of Kilwinning from 1940 until 1947, and was

appointed a Deputy Lord Lieutenant for the County of Ayr in 1951.

Chairman of the Conservative Party for Bute and North Ayrshire for

many years, and chairman of the Central Ayrshire party when that

constituency was formed, he was awarded the CBE for political services

in 1954.

Mr Cole-Hamilton is survived by his two daughters and a son -- Mr

Richard Cole-Hamilton -- who is chief executive of the Clydesdale Bank.