TICKET prices for Scotland's vital World Cup qualifying match against

Italy at Ibrox Park, Glasgow, on November 18 will remain largely

unchanged from previous international matches, the Scottish Football

Association said yesterday.

Despite complaints that prices at the Scotland-Portugal game earlier

this month were too high and led to a poor turnout of 22,000 spectators,

the SFA said all prices will remain unchanged apart from a #5 reduction

to #15 for seats in the upper Govan stand.

Mr David Morris, the SFA's head of international matches department,

said that early inquiries about tickets indicated that the Italy match

could attract a capacity 38,000 crowd.

''Compared with the Portugal match, the early signs are that there is

a much greater and keener interest,'' he said. ''Whether the match sells

out remains to be seen but we hope that the fact that Italy is a very

attractive fixture will mean we'll be well on the way to a capacity


Tickets for the match will go on sale through the usual outlets -- the

SFA, Scottish Football League, and Rangers ticket offices -- from


Postal applications also will be accepted at the SFA offices in

Glasgow and a credit card hotline will open tomorrow although

applications will not be processed before Monday.

Vouchers from match programmes at the previous games against Portugal

and Finland will entitle spectators to a #3 and #1 price reduction

respectively on all tickets for the Italy match, or #4 if they have both