Actually, this re-jigged version of Johnny McKnight’s MacRobert hit from 2007 has also done the rounds of various community venues in Glasgow – possibly in a van the size of a pumpkin, which would explain Janis Hart’s expedient set design of cleverly collapsible, trundle-on flats. Frame these bits and bobs in an instant proscenium arch of swagged satin, however, and suddenly Dr Theatre is in the house – so cue Buttons!

Within moments of Chris Alexander bouncing on-stage, everyone wants this Buttons as their chum. He’s pure comedy-in-motion: he does googly legs that get all embarrassed when Cinderella (a brightly winsome Catriona Grozier) kisses his cheek, and has kangaroo springs in his feet that send him all over the place when he gets excited – it’s a lovely, lively performance in a show that isn’t short of talent or all-out commitment.

While Vivien Grahame puts the ‘mad’ into her schemingly ambitious Madame De’Mon, Mark Kydd and Kenneth McColl pile on the slap and the ridiculous frocks as a rerr perr o’ Uglies - Fi Fi and Fou Fou might sound friskily French but these two are gallus keelies who don’t just embrace the camp flouncy style in McKnight’s inspired script, they snog it with gusto. John Paul McGilvray’s Prince manages to play the part of a four-square straight guy without being boring - so he deserves to get the girl. Sorry Buttons... But well done everybody who got this thoroughly appealing show on-stage and on the road.

Star rating: ***