MSPs, who presently meet in rooms known only as one to six, were asked to suggest people who made a “significant contribution” to the country.

Nationalist backbencher Kenny Gibson, who proposed the idea last December, said the move could inspire politicians.

His suggestions included mathematician James Clerk Maxwell, patriot William Wallace and television inventor John Logie Baird.

Mr Gibson said: “As well as building a future for Scotland in our Parliament we must also recognise Scotland’s history and our place in the world.

“Scotland is one of the most inventive nations on earth and the role of Scots in creating the modern world through the enlightenment is internationally recognised.”

Holyrood already recognises writers through quotations inscribed into the building’s wall.

The Parliament’s corporate body agreed the proposal and set a deadline for December 31.

The plan is expected to cost about £2,000 for oak signs outside the rooms.