February 9.

We, the teaching and domestic staff of St Columba's, are extremely

concerned at the proposed closure of our school by Strathclyde Regional


We provide a week's residential course for primary seven children in

Lanarkshire, with priority given to children from designated ''areas of

priority treatment''. Many of the children who attend are on free meals

and clothing grants. These children in particular will be deprived of a

very valuable, secure, educational, and social experience. Present

demand for places exceeds availability.

It is worth noting that only a few years ago the council spent

#300,000 on upgrading the building to provide its present excellent


As well as children being deprived of such a valuable experience, job

losses among staff will provide great hardship.

J. Bannon,

EIS representative,

B. McGowan, GMB representative,

St Columba's Residential School,