LIVINGSTON Bulls powered to their twelfth win in 15 years in the

Scottish Basketball Cup final at Meadowbank Sports Centre last night,

but their 89-61 defeat of Edinburgh Burger Kings was soured by a fracas

four minutes from the end which resulted in five Kings players and two

Bulls being disqualified.

The incident began when Great Britain player Iain Maclean and Cameron

King became entangled on the floor and appeared to trade punches as they

got up. Players from both sides immediately joined in, and some who were

trying to calm things down were caught up in the affray and disqualified

for leaving the bench.

When the referees sorted it out after a break of over five minutes,

Maclean and Gary Williams of Bulls and King, George Charters, John

Sutherland, Graham Bailey, and Paul Dalrymple of Kings were all


Livingston women won for the fourteenth time after an excellent final

against Dundee, who led for most of the first half and played well above

themselves before going down 63-49.

Edinburgh won both Bank of Scotland youth cup finals, the under-17

boys beating holders Dunfermline 80-45 while the girls beat Royal High

Dunedin 86-51. Other weekend results:

Scottish Chairman's Cup. Men. Quarter-final -- Troon 74, Renfrew 65.

Scottish League. Women. Div. 1 -- Dundee 52, City of Edinburgh 63.

Bank of Scotland Junior National League -- Cumnock 81, Edinburgh

Burger Kings 112. Youth men -- Paisley Clanford 81, Boroughmuir 52.

Youth women -- City of Edinburgh Kool Kats 87, Dalkeith Saints 51;

Edinburgh Royals 38, RH Dunedin 68.

Scottish Under-15 Boys' Cup. Quarter-finals -- Musselburgh 50,

Armadale 59; Troon 79, Isle of Skye 14.

BP Scottish Schools Inter-area championship finals. Under-16. Boys --

Edinburgh 29, Highland 21. Girls -- Edinburgh 22, East and Mid Lothian

8. Under-14. Boys -- Ayrshire 21, Borders 13. Girls -- Edinburgh 20,

Central 11.

UAU men's championship finals (Manchester) -- Dundee 57, Manchester

66; Dundee 51, Loughborough 89; Dundee 38, Reading 83 (Loughborough and

Manchester qualified for semi-finals).